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HEAVEN #1872 Your Story December 20, 2005

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HEAVEN #1872 Your Story December 20, 2005

God said:

Good morning, beloveds, I am in your presence. I am firmly lodged within you. Your mind has been playing out a fantasy, one that seems to not be of your making. Nevertheless, it is your fantasy. Your mind is a cohort with the fantastic story you find yourself in. If someone were to write the story of your individual made-up life on Earth, it would be a most interesting winding story. All the plots have intricacies, unexpected twists and turns. In every plot there is birth in this lifetime, and the ensuing death. That seems like a great fantasy as well, that a time would come when you do not exist. Of course, that is supreme fantasy, because there is no ending to you. There is an ending to a story is all. The hero continues. He has rediscovered a new land. Then, in his migration to Heaven, he plays himself and not a role picked out of a story book.

This is not to knock the role he had previously taken. He played it to the hilt. He did a good job of it, playing a role he picked out of a hat or a numbered list. The role was for a reason. It was not for no reason at all.

The reason is to rediscover love. The reason is to rediscover all of Me in your heart. The reason is to find out where you have never left.
Therefore, the reason is to find out where you are, where you never stepped off from except in a fantastic exploration of the mind.

Surely, you do not think you only ride in the life you live. Surely you don't think you have no say in it! It is you who interprets the life you lead, and your interpretation is significant. It is all significant. The way you think your story plays out, it plays out. It is as meaningful to you as it is meaningful to you. It is your story, after all.

For all intents and purposes, you were thrust in a setting that may not be of your making. Yet you are the one who ad libs your script. What you say is up to you. How you move on stage and what you exclaim is up to you.
What you make of it is entirely up to you. Your words are your thoughts given.

It is you who says you lead the life of a troubadour or wastrel. It is you who sets your sights. It is you who translates your life into words and thoughts. You may have been plopped onto the stage with certain scenery.
You can change the scenery. You most certainly can change the lighting.

You are the lighting director for this escapade of yours on Earth.
You dim the lights, or you brighten them. The words and actions can be the same, yet the light you shed on them makes all the difference in the world.

The music you choose sets the tone as well. You choose dramatic overtures to reflect your life, or you choose to be in a light musical. You choose the music, and you choose the dance you will dance. You are party to your life. You direct it. Whatever the cast of characters in your play, you feature them. You have some autonomy. It is you who laughs or cries at their antics. Look, they are in the play just like you. They find themselves on stage, and they don't know their next line any more than you. In fact, they are looking to you for their cues.

Whatever your role, you play a part in it. You are the main lead. You star in your play. And you make a difference in the world. You make a difference in the world. Why is this so hard to believe?

Copyright@ 12-20-05

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