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HEAVEN #1876 On the Same Mountaintop December 24, 2005

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HEAVEN #1876 On the Same Mountaintop December 24, 2005

God said:

This is the eve of new beginnings. This is an eve that gives you pause. For this one eve you wonder about the meaning of existence. Perhaps life has not been about what you've been preoccupied with. Your heart feels the gap between this eve and what it emblemizes and the day to day life that you have been indentured to.

Perhaps this is the eve you have been waiting for all your life.
Perhaps this is the eve of a new dawn. Perhaps this is the eve that will continue. Perhaps this is the eve that will make way for the dawn of an unheralded life on Earth where there is no need for law, all law on Earth supplanted with the one law, "Love your neighbor as yourself." This law of love will take hold. It will be the law of the land no matter what land your body resides in. It will be the law that is lived without enforcement.

You will have recognized that your neighbor is yourself, and you will naturally regard yourself and your neighbor and the world you live in more highly. Everyone will. I speak to everyone in the world. I will lift you all up so that you may see from on high, see as I do see, and as your brother Christ did see from a mountain top of love. Come, beloveds, to this same mountaintop. Here, look, this is what you see when you look from the height of Heaven. This is what everything looks like. This is what you look like. See yourself from My eyes.

Do you think that Christ and the other Great Ones saw with their own glasses perched on their nose? They looked through My eyes. What are My eyes but far-seeing? Eyes of love see through the brambles. They never mind the brambles. They do not exclaim at the brambles. They see right to the heart of the matter, and the heart of the matter is always love.

These emissaries were far-sighted and near-hearted. The Great Ones moved their hearts over to Mine and, therefore, over to yours. Their hearts embraced all hearts. They took their cues from the Heart of God. In one stride, they encompassed the world with love. Such a one as Christ did not keep his eye on what was not true. He looked to Truth, and so he was a great magician of love. He filled hearts with love overflowing. His love washed away thoughts of sin. Knowingly In his presence and by virtue of his grandeur, who would want to do or be less than love? Who would not want to be like him? Who wouldn't want to be him? Who would not want to follow his feet? Who would not want to have his humility? Who would want to adore their own piffling ego when they could adore great love instead?

Christ was no one's fool. And yet you fear you would be foolish to love. You fear you would be less thought of, taken advantage of perhaps, if you loved with all your heart, if you loved not from sentiment, but from the horizon of the world, espousing full-visioned, full-strength love, with you standing grateful to serve the world love in My Name.

Christ never proclaimed himself, beloveds. His concern was not himself. He forgot himself and so he gained the whole world. Still today he fills hearts with love. He fills your heart with love. He, the embodiment of love, has never stopped loving you, and he has never stopped serving Me. Do you think that because his body no longer walks the Earth that he does not?

Neither Christ nor Buddha nor Mohammed nor any Great One has left the Earth. How could they leave when they are still needed? How could they stop serving until all on Earth are conjoined in love on the same mountaintop of love they stand on?

Copyright@ 12-24-05

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