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Today, I remembered...

Today, I remembered...

Inspiration for today

only who I think I am can be hurt.

I was hurting the other day. I often feel beyond this level of
existence. I'm usually excellent at going with the flow, accepting
what is, and not arguing with reality.

But not on Monday.

I know this discomfort was an illusion at the highest (AKA real) level. Yet at that less conscious level, I felt there must be a lesson. So, here are some wild guesses as to what I'm supposed to learn/remember from that self-inflicted pain.

First, when people are mean and sh*tty to and/or around me, they are
doing so from a place of pain, of unconsciousness. It truly has nothing
to do with me - my spirit or the physical person in front of them.

Secondly, I sometimes still forget that I'm not really "Suzanne". I'm you,
I'm God, I'm the infinite, whatever you want to call me. The little me that
chose to suffer is no more real than the last movie I watched.

I highly recommend you think about the words/feelings above. Maybe it
will help you remember the truth the next time you feel unjustly treated,
ignored or abused.

Suzanne Solle


Suzanne, I think your first sentence says it all:

"Only who I think I am can be hurt. "

I related to everything you say.

We know better, and still we get our feelings hurt. We hurt our own feelings by taking things personally. And yet more and more, as we get beyond taking things personally, equanimity will be ours.

Thank you so much for posting, dear Suzanne, and I will look forward to reading more of what you write.

God bless you.

With love,


What we learn from Feelings

Hi everyone Just wanted to offer what I learned about yearnings and feelings. The most recent was from the ACIM; the reference lesson is something like "God's Will and my will are the same." Remember that one?

The story I thought about a film production company's family values and I love(d) them for it. As I drove by their movie lot I felt my heart 'yearn' to work for them. This yearning was a prayer which God answered; several days later my Temp agency called and said "we have a job at Disney for you, do you want to take it?" Imagine how high I jumped to take that job. I knew it was God working for us both. Last week I was invited to attend their outreach program for writers, et al, and afterward they showed their film "Narnia..." I yearned for something that God wanted for me, and oh how wonderful that is. So I guess my point is that we should consider the subject of what it is that bothers us.

Without rancor toward the other party, we can say to ourselves, that is a subject that affects me, and why? Maybe it will start the ball rolling on something that is important to you, or maybe it's nothing (ACIM "you are not upset for the reason you think").

The other thing I've learned is not to get one's hopes up. Let God get Her/His hopes up for you (I put "Her before "His" because I'm talking to a lady, otherwise I'd put "His/Her"). Acim "God is incomplete without you." Please share your miracles with us.