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The Guardians

some friends on mine. They just delivered a message to me. Awesome in which many ways Heaven speaks to humans. And how much Love is in all of that. They truely love and protect us.

The Guardians Q & A

December 6, 2005 "Finding Your Passion"

Hailey asked,
As we go through this period of ascension and as some of us are
called to be lightworkers, how do we know when we are following our path of
passion? I have been told I am a singer of souls (not sure what this
means), and a lightworker, and find myself struggling to find the path I am to
follow that will best allow me to help others to heal and awaken. Any insight
on this would help immensely.

In love and light,

The Guardians answer,
Blessings Hailey,

Dear one, the best way to recognize you are in your passion is when your heart is filled with joy and what you are doing feels not like "work" rather an act of love and pure enjoyment.

What makes your heart sing and your spirit fly free?

When you are contented and joyful about what you are doing you will know without a doubt that you have found your passion. You may have more than one or it could contain a number of activities or elements. Be open to new experiences and your passion will find you, you will not have to find it. Follow your heart dear one, if you truly listen it will never lead you astray.

Others may only provide hints or different ways of viewing yourself, only you will know with certainty what your real passion is. We think this term "singer of souls" suites you. Ask yourself what the phrase means to you and what feelings come to you when you hear those words.

Many often misunderstand the word "path" it is not a single ridged roadway. It is an ever evolving journey or process with many possible alternatives to provide you with choices and the experience of exercising your fee will. There is not right or wrong way to proceed on this journey. If you find you have chosen something that no longer serves you, simply make another choice that you prefer.

Focus on your own growth and development and this will lead you to your highest service to others, not the other way around.

You are a totally unique spark of All That Is and shine your beautiful light on all that you do and everyone you meet. You are perfection in all that you choose. All experiences contribute to the evolution of the wonderful soul you are regardless of how you or anyone else chooses to perceive them.

You are loved without condition or judgement.

Let your soul sing!

Blessings one and all...

The Guardians

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