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Truth vs Falsehood

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 3:54 am Post subject:


Hi Gloria and All:

I am halfway through Dr Hawkins’s new book, "Truth vs Falsehood." It is in four sections, of which, I have completed two.

This book must be read with an open mind, as it will be nothing like one might think it is going to be. As per usual, when the good doctor writes, he writes to his colleagues and to the scientific community as a whole. He doesn't play to the cheap seats. He does not want his works to be considered anything less then a legitimate scientific and academic approach to truth. Unless you are well educated with an advanced vocabulary, you might find yourself overwhelmed and lost in translation.

Hawkins spends some time in the first section pointing out that the calibrations that are made in his book are not only his own, but those of a large worldwide group of Applied Kinesiologists. When the calibrations of the whole group were closely related to one another concerning a question, subject, situation, etc., then that calibration was considered correct and publishable.

In the second chapter Hawkins presents "Summary of Essential Principles of the Science of Consciousness." These are 12 statements concerning consciousness, which by my perception, is the ultimate explanation of what consciousness is. Everything you want to know about consciousness is explained in these 12 statements.

Hawkins uses Applied Kinesiology to verify and validate the statements he makes in this book. It should be taken into consideration that AK is not a proven or scientifically accepted approach to truth. It appears that Hawkins is really trying his best to promote AK as a viable tool to obtaining truth in all situations. That being said, Hawkins first compiles calibration list in connection with the subject of each chapter, but then Hawkins goes on to detail the reasons for the calibrations. These detailed descriptions are all Hawkins.

Doctor Hawkins is obviously an extensively educated and well-read man. In his detailed description of the calibrations he sight sources. These sources are highly accepted scientific, academic, and spiritual authorities.

While the first section (What is Truth) starts out strong, the second section (Practical Application) seems somewhat depressing as Dr. Hawkins deals with the downside of society and problematic issues. This reader is looking forward to the next two sections (Truth in the World and Higher Consciousness and Truth) in the hopes that Doctor Hawkins can end his latest book on an up note.


Dear Dave,

You could be writing professional reviews. No kidding.

Do you mind telling us what some of the Highest Truths are?

How long are these twelve statements of consciousness?


Dear Dave,

I know you did post the 12 statements of consciousness. Where did they go?

Anyway, since then, I have been reading the book and many points hit home.

I don't know about you and everyone else, but time, even though it doesn't exist, goes faster and there is more to do. I long for when I can sit and write down some of what I learned or had confirmed.

Blessings and love,



Finally I'm taking a minute to mention some things about Truth vs. Falsehood by David Hawkins, M.D.

I read a minute or two of it most nights before I fall asleep.

Speaking only from memory, here are some points that stand out for me.

A great many psychics and healers and spiritual books out there are not true. I believe the author says that only about 20% are true.

I remember hearing or reading a long time ago that because someone possesses powers, even powers of healing, does not necessarily mean that they are connected to God. Hmm.

Hawkins says the value of many courses and gurus is that they give us a daily discipline. The main value of discipline is that it gets us to turn our attention to something worthwhile every day every day. In the case of daily Heavenletters, it gets us to turn our attention to the Highest every day.

Don't think I was so smart as to know this and that that's why a new Heavenletter comes out every day! What I knew was I wanted to receive at least one Heavenletter every day. To miss a day would have been like a sacrifice.

Many good and wise people suggested that it was too much to send a Heavenletter out every day, too much for readers and too much for me to have to do.

What I couldn't see a way around was this: "If I am writing one every day, what will I do with the extra weekend ones if I don't send them out?" I had no idea, so one goes out seven days a week. Some days two or even three Heavenletters come, and that's why we're two weeks ahead.

God in Heavenletters said recently that there is no Karma. David Hawkins tested that there is indeed karma. When you read Hawkins' definition of karma, the contradiction vanishes, at least for me.

He said that karma is our consciousness, and that it is from our level of consciousness that we make choices. So, our level of consciousness is our karma. We do create our world as we walk through it.

I would love to know your thoughts!

Blessings and love, Gloria

Truth vs Falsehood


We do create our world as we walk through it.

and we create our world as we think of it

and "when you are not in the mode of pure awareness, the law of Karma (the effects of the old actions) can visit you any time and show you the power of its muscles." as somebody wrote to me - but this has gone! for me

we show our muscles,too, in being aware and conscoius
and loving laughing


Dear One,

You are very wise.

Yes, our thoughts come home to roost! God in Heavenletters certainly talks of the power of our thoughts.

And, yet, sometimes the opposite of our words and thoughts happen.

Whenever in life I've found myself feeling above something (like getting divorced with a child), I would say with total belief: I would never do that!

And then, sooner or later, bang, I would find myself doing that.

A different example: When I was getting my Master's Degree, I had to take statistics. I was so frightened of it. Not only was I convinced that I wouldn't do well on the final exam, I had convinced everyone I knew!

Yet the opposite happened. I got a 97 -- three points off because of math errors only.

There is much I don't understand.

I love reading your comments, VeroniKA!

With love and blessings,


Truth vs Falsehood

This is very true! When I and my younger sister were teenagers in Finland we swore to each other that we'd never marry a foreign man. Guess what: she married an Englishman and I an Italian! Never say never...
Paula :lol: