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The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

You remember that last year Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, won the Chelson Award for Inspiration.

This year, Robert Fitzgerald, a friend of mine, won the same award.

Signs of the Times really pushes the boundaries of astrology into theories of religion, myth, mathematics, genetics, geology, and physics.

And, of course, Robert also promises a new golden age.

I'm for that! And don't you feel that new age coming?

Robert's book will be out in November. I'll say more as soon as I have it in my hands.

Blessings and love,


The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

I know you like an answer to your postings!!!!!!!

and if you anything new about this book please let me - us - know as you wrote!

and it really is for astrology so neceesary to get new books showing the new paradigms that are to be seen -

is it possible to get this book here in Germany too?

please give my regards to your friend and congratulations


Dearest Veronika,

Robert just registered, and I know he wants to respond to you.

Love and blessings,


P.S. Dear One, of course I enjoy responses, but it isn't so much that I want my posts responded to. It's other people's I want responded to. Anyone who posts something from their heart deserves a response.

I would like to see other people's names up there rather than mine.

I appreciate so much how you respond to everyone. It's a lovely thing, dear Veronika. I think it is just right.

The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

Dear Gloria

thanks for your response
and I think you answer so heartily to the different postings that you really MUST get an asnwer!!!!


I sure love your responses, Angel!

With love and blessings,


The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

Hi veroniKA;

I have had some computer issues lately, and have been offline.

I talked to my pub. and he said that you can get a copy through your local bookstore. It will be shipped from London. If all goes well it should be available in about 2-3 weeks. Paperback is projected to be $21.95 US and hardback $38.95.

You expressed interest in translating it into German and posting it as an e-book on your new web site. I like that idea. Please give me more information on your proposal. This is all new to me so I am on a steep learning curve here.

Because you are interested I thought that I might give you some more information about the book. The title SIGNS OF THE TIMES refers to the signs of the astrological ages. The main portion of this book compares human history over the last 11,000 years to these ages, from the Age of Cancer to the present Age of Pisces. In addition there are smaller divisions of ages at two different levels. There are 12 eras to each age, and 12 phases to each era, down to 15 year time periods. This history is remarkably accurate in terms of the astrological signs involved.

From this cycle I have also found what I call an end-time cycle that is Biblically powerful. We are in an end-time right now, and have been for much of the last 1500 years. Because of the addition of eras and phases in this model of history, we are now entering a period of potentially intense end-time scenarios that could last another 150 years. After this is over the Age of Aquarius promises to become a golden age, an Age of Enlightenment, that has been promised by religions the world over.

We are making a shift right now that could ensure the coming Golden Age, a shift that includes the beautiful messages that are coming to us through the heart of Gloria, and through the receptive hearts of people like yourself.

Based on the success of this book, I have plans to continue this astrological work into other areas.

Again, thank you for your interest and support. Let me know more about your ideas.


The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

a deep night hello to Robert,

thanks for the long "talking" - so interesting! as you said some things I feel so, too

the website is not yet ready - I suppose - have to ask Adrachin first!!!! - it is just in my Mind - but it is coming up!!!

and then - time is not so relevant - we will do from moment to moment to moment
and when it is the right TIME/SPACE it is

just flow from moment to moment to moment in your doing,too and laugh a lot!

The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

Hi VeronniKA,
Even if it is still in your mind, your idea for a website sounds like a very good thing. Take your time and do it right. It will all come out correctly in the end.

The Mayan date of 2012 that New Age thinkers have attached themselves to as a point in time when there will be a consciousness shift around the world, this according to the Mayan time keepers, indicates that a huge consciousness healing is now in process. In Christian terms this date might indicate the Rapture when all people with spiritually refined nervous systems and open loving hearts will be "lifted off" this world (expanding into a multidimensional existence). The more people sharing information and nurturing support during this time the better for humanity.

Let me know when you are up and ready.

Loving Light, as well as light hearted laughing,

The Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

Hello Robert -
as you mention the Date of 2012 -

for me there are some signs that lots of those predicted "things" already have happened -

so the axis of our Earth has changed into the Galactic grade of 26°/27° Sagittarius and is now connected in the direction of Hunab Ku or however the Central Sun is called - and as in 2007? Pluto passes the last time this grade this is in my opinion the correct date - may be my english does not find the right words but I hope you undestand what I mean - do you work with dreamspell? or not - do you know Carl Johan Calleman? the swedish mayan experte? I translated some of his articles and for me they feel correctly - look at

thanks for you posting and the website can be started the next time - we talk about privat email?! don't we?

I like you lighthearted laughing!!!