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Heavenletters Jargon

Hi Gloria,

I was just reading today's Heavenletter, beautiful as usual, which sparked a question that I've been meaning to ask you for a long time... are you familiar with all the words in each Heavenletter? Usually, there's at least 1 word that I need to consult the dictionary on per Heavenletter. Today I had two, reprobate and pell-mell. I was just curious if you ever needed to look up any of these words, and if so, do you think God is trying to expand our vocabulary?

Love and Blessings,

Heavenletters Jargon

Kirt - these were the two words I needed a dictionary, too, while translating into German -
wonderful that even an English speaking human has to have that "special" look


The two words you mention, dear Kirt, are words I’m very familiar with. I’ve read a lot, and I suppose that’s how I have a big vocabulary.

On a rare occasion, there have been words that I had no idea of, how to spell them and/or what they meant, though from the context of the Heavenletter, I could make a good guess. Once there was a long word that I felt was a legal term. I called up an attorney friend to ask how to spell it and what it meant. I don’t remember now what the word is, or I would tell you, but it’s in a Heavenletter somewhere.

I’m guessing that the occasional word I’m not really familiar with could well be a word I might have somehow come across once without paying conscious attention. I can’t swear to this, but that’s what I think.

Now someone could say that God knows all words and could give us words we never heard of before. By the same token He could talk to us in any language. But, of course, He doesn’t. He speaks to us in our language or a language we are familiar with. I find it hard to think that He would give us words in our own language that were totally foreign to us. I imagine that if a young child did Godwriting (and wouldn’t I love to be part of that) it would be in their simple language without any big words.

I had a friend who used to live here who was originally from Israel. She did her own Godwriting™ except she talked into a tape recorder. Hebrew was her native language. She wanted to make a book of what God told her, and she wanted the book to be in English. Somewhere along the line, she trained herself to receive God’s words in English so she would not have to translate later. She did it! Or she asked God to do it, and He did.

Again, I imagine that that was much like when I used to write God’s words by hand. I wrote it in a notebook with a favorite pen, and I was very comfortable doing it that way except I had to type it over and it became very time-consuming. I didn’t think I could Godwrite on the computer. Finally, with a dear friend’s urging, after a little of my own typical resistance, I weaned myself from the notebook to the computer, and now I much prefer the computer!

I love questions like this, Kirt.

And, dear VeroniKA, you had to look up the same words as well!

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Heavenletters Jargon

I find it hard to think that He would give us words in our own language that were totally foreign to us.

Jepp. He is still bussy learning all the words humans have invented so far. And is always astonished about the creative power of his children. We want to be faire here and give him some charitableness. Cause he needs to learn all of the human languages!

A lot out there....

Much Love and Light


P.s.: ask Gloria how to understand and speak Gods language. Might make things easier....


Aha, God learning all our languages! You are right. He is too busy!

And so we learn His!

You, know, dear Adrachin, I don't really know how to do it. (Shh, don't tell anyone!)

I know listening is a great part of it. Desire. Intention. Willingness. Openness. Maybe even daringness.

In theory, I imagine God is humming a tune. He is always humming. He has never stopped from the first Ah that he sounded about how beautiful is His ceation. I imagine this vibration resounds, and an echo of it can be picked up anywhere by anyone. God is always "on".

It's not really our doing. It's God's. We tune in... somehow.

I do believe (most of the time!) that Godlistening(tm) comes from a subtle sense of sound. I believe I "hear" it. I hear a sentence at a time. I don't know what the next sentence will be. Sometimes the words rush in, and I can hardly keep up. Other times it's more of pause and wait.

I would guess that the translation of God's hum comes in our hearts. The ear hears and the heart instantly translates. In any case, somehow God's hum permeates layers of existences and reaches our humble hearts.

On one occasion, when I was Godwriting(tm) I had the experience that my arms, as I typed, were all golden light. Through this experience, it occurred to me that Godwriting was memory, that it came out of my cells, DNA or whatever, the way the tune of a beautiful song comes into our mind.

Adrachin, with your amazing technical skills, will you take Kirt's question and responses to it over to the thread about Godwriting teleconferences? I forget the exact title. I think this rightfully belongs over there as part of the budding email course on How to Godwrite.

Many thanks, and God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Heavenletters Jargon

I usually have several words I have to look up in my dictionary,
it does improve my English though. Sometimes I know what it means in English and just have to think really hard how to say it in Dutch :lol: