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Another Blast from the Past

I just ran across this wonderful Heavenletter from 31 May 1999 that's sure to make your heart melt...

Gloria: God, if the human mind is a projector of Heaven, and the potential of the human mind is one hundred percent, and we presently use only five to ten percent, then the lens of our projector mind is only open five to ten percent, is that true? Somehow my lens has opened more, and therefore what You project can reach me, enter, and come out as Your words here.

God: As they can with all. Certainly, your crown opened up to let in more light.

I am like the Sun. My light is aimed at you. It is aimed at everyone, and it reaches everywhere. It reaches into every corner of the universe and every crevice in your heart.

How gently I offer Myself to My children. I am in mid-air and as light as a floating dandelion puff. Because I am so light, I can enter hearts. There is no heaviness in Me, no forced entry, no banging. Gentle, light offering of Myself like a soft breeze that wafts through you.

I am as light as a snowflake. I alight on you and melt into your heart and am forevermore stamped there.

Of course, I can land with a thump in your heart, too.

Mostly, I am your heartbeat. With each throb of your heart, you can remind yourself, "God is here. God is here."

With each breath, you can be reminded of My energy.

With any event, any heat or cold, rain or dry, flower, car horn, geese or breeze, you can be reminded of Me.

The more you think of Me, the more of My attention reaches you. The more We are linked, the more We are linked.

I never run away. I am always present, but I am silent until asked to speak.

So I speak now in a pen stroke, and in the babbling brook, and in all the knocks on the door.

Who knocks at your door? I do.

Who calls to you from across the street? It is I.

Who calls you on the telephone? No other.

Who speaks your name? I.

Who loves you from the very depths of the universe? I.

Who opens your eyelids? I.

Who makes the day and the night? I.

Who sprinkles the Earth? I.

Who covers and opens the Moon? I.

Who blossoms on a rose bush? I.

Who makes the sky blue, the grass green, and the sea both green and blue? I.

Whose heart mingles with yours? Mine.

Whose love am I? Yours.