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I Am Blessing Water Essences


I just got this in my email and this is
so refreshingly New.I am glad Aluna
made this.We are entering into a
Golden Age with such Wonderful
Products being made.
Below is a few extracts
from her site.

Our bodies are 70% water. What better way to clear, heal and multiply positive frequencies than to drink an I AM affirmation or to take an Archangel into your being! I AM BLESSING WATER ESSENCES are like homeopathic inoculations of various positive I AM statements and the guidance and power of Archangels. In other words, they effect you at a core energetic and positive level. They are very subtle but noticeable to sensitive beings. Each time you ingest an I AM BLESSING WATER, you are virtually metabolizing that affirmation into your being.You Bless Yourself!

You might feel subtle increases of energy, clarity, awareness, reduction of stress or tension, and inner calmness as they infuse your entire being with positive,Masterly vibrations.

The Masters said that these essences will help ignite the fire of God within us all.They will help us all recognize the DAWN of a GOLDEN AGE that is before us now.Each person will react to the essence of their choice in their own unique way.



Dearest Shahid,

Let's be careful about advertising products, even spiritual ones, on our
forum. There are many good products, but we've got to stay away from promoting them, dear one.

With that being said, I know of another beautiful water. It is called Soul Water. And there is no cost except for shipping and handling.
soulsys [at] sover [dot] net

And now we must leave it at that! :)

Love you,


I Am Blessing Water Essences

Dear Gloria,

Oh God....I didnt mean to "advertise" this I AM Water
Essence...It's just that I was excited by what I read
and saw at the site and since I couldnt keep it
all to myself,I had to just share it with others,
so that atleast one person could benefit from this.

All I am doing is trying to create New Products-Awareness
among the HL Forum members.Hmmm...Maybe I shouldnt do this.

I checked out the site you sent and read abt the Oneness water with the Vibration of Mary Magdalene.Interesting huh the products that are coming up in the market....


I Am Blessing Water Essences

Dear Shahid,

Everyone knows you would only post something from the goodness of your heart and a desire to share what's good.

We're here on this forum to share, uplift and inspire, and you do that so well. I still think we have to keep product awareness out of here. Where would it end, dear Shahid. There are all kinds of celestial products, gems, foods, multi-level, all good, all fine. In my opinion, this forum simply isn't the place for them. If you do it, someone else will want to do the same.

When I was in high school, there was a quotation literally engraved in stone somewhere. I don't remember whose quotation it was, but I do remember the gist of the quotation. It was something like this:

Do not do that which if everyone did it would spoil society.

Let's keep this forum more of our own thoughts, realizations, and not physical matters.

Is that okay, dear one?

With love and blessings,


I Am Blessing Water Essences

Dear Gloria,

I loved that quote you sent-

"Do not do that which if everyone did it would spoil society."

OK,You are Right,If I post,Others will do it,
so this isnt the place.Got your point pal.