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The Stone

The Stone

"The stone and I are one. The stone is solid, impenetrable, and firm," the Master said to the Dreamer as He caressed the sand around a small rock.

The Dreamer put her hand in the sand to feel what He felt. Gracefully, He lifted the stone and held it in the palm of His left hand. He raised His hand to the sky and looked lovingly at the stone. As she watched Him, she noticed that the gray stone had miraculously become a ruby. Light bounced within it and from it, but only as long as it was within His hand.

"This stone and I are one," said the Master. "It rests in the ground ... damp, dormant, alone. Yet in my hand, the hand of love, it becomes a glorious and precious piece, incapable of being anything less than magnificent.

"All walk by the plain stone, yet all want the precious ruby. They do not want to appreciate it, only to own it. There is one simple law of love to obey Dreamer, and that is to love the stone before one knows it is a ruby."

With His right hand He took the Dreamer's left and held her palm heavenward. In it He placed the gem and stared deeply into it. She felt it burn her hand, yet she was not in pain. She was amazed that it remained a ruby in her hand, for she felt that without His touch it would not shine, yet His gaze was upon it and that illuminated the stone in her hand.

The Master guided the Dreamer to hold the ruby. As she closed her hand around the stone, she felt it pulse. Its energy traveled up her arm straight into her soul igniting a light and fire within her. The red heat of the ruby forced her to bolt straight up and she looked at Him for answers.

"Some may not truly know you Dreamer, but do not despair," said the Master. "I know you just as I know this stone. I have disguised those who belong to me to protect them, just as I have protected this ruby. I have the power to cloak what is mine, and the power to illuminate what belongs to me. This stone is the same to me whether it is dark and covered in mud, or if it is a brilliant ruby, blinding all who look at it, because I know its true form. I know its true identity, just as I know yours. Do not fret if others walk right by you thinking you are no more than this stone in its muddy form, for I know you are the ruby, more precious than anything else."

Tears seeped out of the Dreamer's eyes as she looked at the Master. Holding her hand in His, she lowered her forehead to touch His hands.

"Thank you, Master," she said.

The Dreamer used the fringe of His robe to wipe her eyes, and as her vision cleared, she saw dazzling rubies appear on His holy garment. She looked at Him and He smiled. So many secrets were held in His eyes, mysteries He earned the answers to long ago. He was the way, the path, and the light for the true believers. All she had to do was follow Him.

"I want you to keep the stone, and keep it in this pouch," He said as He showed the Dreamer a beautiful satchel with a long cord. "Wear it at all times, as it will remind you that I am with you always."

He helped her put the ruby in the satchel and then placed it around her neck. Immediately, she felt the weight of the stone call her forward.

"Dreamer, things that are unseen, hold the greatest treasures. Know this to be true." He put His hand in the sand again and picked up another stone, dull in color and soft to the touch. As He did before, He gazed deeply into it and moments later it was ablaze with His light.

"Come, Dreamer, let us walk," He said.

She took His hand and walked with Him along the beach that stretched out before them. Along the way they stopped to pick up other stones that had been discarded by those who could not see within them. As the Dreamer looked behind them, she could see millions of glistening gems where there were once lifeless stones.

All things came to life in His presence. All things awakened as He passed by, and all that were asleep were awakened.

Walking beside Him and holding His hand, she breathed the air of His kingdom that filled her soul with eternity.

"Master," she said, "I will never let go of you."

"Good, Dreamer. I will never let go of you either. Even if one day you cannot feel my hand, know that it is eternally wrapped around yours. Know that I am with you, always."

"I know, Master," she said.

He filled her with His love and peace. He would always be with her just as He had promised, and she would always be with Him just as she had vowed. She learned that the ruby and He were one because both were precious, indestructible, and filled with the Divine light.

"One day, Dreamer, you will walk by stones and they will ignite beneath your feet," He said, "but you must be ready for this, for they will burn if you are not prepared. Prepare by believing in my word. Believe in the law of love and all that you pass by will be illuminated with the light of the Divine."
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