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whwre is Heaven?

Gloria, dear One,

do You know what I was wondering about? In the letters, You say

bringing Heaven closer to Earth.

How is that possible if Jesus told us that Heaven is IN us?



I see your point!

Of course, I give God poetic license!

Saying bring Earth closer to Heaven is just another way of saying, in my opinion, that our consciousness is growing, even ascending.

It's like talking about opening the door to Heaven. There's no door.

There is no question that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within each one of us.

How do you feel about this answer?

With love and blessings,


Where is Heaven?

I think todays's Heavenletter, # 1842 Let your heart ascend', is the answer to this question.
Heaven is a higher awareness, awareness is consciousness. So when we raise our consciousness, we bring Heaven closer to Earth. That's what we are doing now. It's as simple as that.