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HEAVEN #1842 Let Your Heart Ascend November 20, 2005

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HEAVEN #1842 Let Your Heart Ascend November 20, 2005

God said:

When a body dies, often you say the person has gone to a better place. I understand this, and I may remark upon it Myself. In actuality, however, your beloved hasn't gone anywhere. Surely Heaven is not a physical place. How can it be when the physical is mirage?

Heaven is a place of greater awareness. That is the difference between Heaven and Earth. Earth awareness cultures Earth proclivities.
Heaven awareness cultures Heaven's proclivities.

When a body drops away, what remains is Heaven awareness. Heaven awareness is the remains, not the body.

Awareness is consciousness. When the body is put aside, what has always been is known. The physical possession has dropped away. There is no longer interference as there is on Earth. What distraction other than physical can block Heaven awareness? The relative life blocks it, and yet, in the relative life, you scurry to find it. You perceive Heaven, along with everything else, as separate from you. And yet, all you have to do is to look within. Within is a beautiful part of you. I say part, but I mean wholeness of you. I could say within is a beautiful acreage of you. Yet if you are an acre, an acre isn't part of you. It is all of you.

Despite its dreadfulness, sense of separateness leads you back to Oneness. You bounce away from the hot stove and you gravitate to balm.
Nothing is more balmy than Heaven, beloveds. Heaven puts no obstacles before you. Earth life does that aplenty. Earth life is good at that. Heaven isn't good at that at all. It has no practice in it. Why would it?

Your mind is a physical property, and the thoughts your mind and culture generate translate into obstacles. And yet, and yet, obstacles are stepping stones to Heaven. What a paradox. It is a paradox you have, and it is Paradise you seek.

Without Earth life, what would evolve? We call evolution that which is merely recognition. Your thoughts evolve. Your thoughts on Earth reflect your consciousness on Earth. Be conscious of Heaven. View the world as if from Heaven and you will come to perceive where you are. Do not for one minute believe that you are stuck on Earth and that you are stuck with the consciousness you presently function at.

The recalcitrant mind, although physically-oriented, is powerful beyond measure. The mind has been so powerful it has tricked you into believing in lowliness, in selfishness, both of which are false and bear no resemblance to Truth. All the limitations there are upon you are limitations of Earth. They are not Mine. I did not make the rules that seem to govern Earth in the world of man. Mind makes hash of life on Earth. Mind ministers to the heart, when I will the other way around.

"Have a heart" is a worthy expression. Let your heart ascend over your mind. It is your heart that is mindful. It is your heart that knows better than the mind. That's why your heart gets hurt, and the mind comes off unscathed.

Knowledge may be a wonderful thing, but it is the heart that is golden. Restore your heart to its pure gold. Remove what the mind has socked away there. Come back to love. Come back to Heaven consciousness, for that is what lies within you.

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