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Let Life Take Shape As It Will

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Quado Daily Portion
“Let life take shape as it will”

Today is perfect in all its unfolding. Today it will unfold as it will unfold, a combination of your energies and the energies which are coming toward you, a combination of things already set in place and things which will occur just in the moment. All of this will be unfolding and your job is to create wonderful, positive energy, which encourages those things which are beneficial to you and to be very alert and observant, responding to things as they are in the moment.

Listen closely.Watch closely. Be open and receptive and willing to make great shifts to your previous ideas of how things should be.

Opportunities are most often missed when you are trying to fit the circumstances into a preconceived shape. Let things flow and be as they are. Let life take shape as it will. Just step back and watch and listen before you act.

Here is a little prayer for today

Today I am deeply observant. I watch carefully. I listen carefully. I am open and receptive to what is happening all around me.

I see possibility and opportunity all around me, sparkling like diamonds in the grass. I am open to the clean and clear sparkle of life,the glowing newness that exists within each moment.

I am relaxed and ready to respond.I am open and receptive.
I am full of faith that this moment contains all that it needs to contain and that I am strong enough and capable enough to
be a part of it.

I am ready for life. I am.

* * *

I wish that you may see the diamonds in the grass.

Love & peace,
carriehart [at] msn [dot] com



Interesting. The meditation I did this morning was lovely green grass blowing in the gentle breeze and there was diamond's everywhere in it.

That was the first time I saw that. It was so cool!

Thanks for sharing!

Peggy in Florida[/b]

Let Life Take Shape As It Will

Some personal, yet possibly relative trivia:

One of my fondest memories of time spent with my grandmother, was an early sunny morning after an evening of rain. I was probably 6 or 7.

G'ma was looking out her living room window and said to me,
"Lauri, come quick... The fairies have spread the grass with gemstones."

I ran to the window, and there they were... the lovely dew-drops reflecting the colors of the rainbow in the grass.