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This in Forgiveness is in response to following from Gloria:
“Because of what Lois has sent me, I realize I am not clear on my own personal definition of forgiveness.

I mentioned elsewhere on this board that forgiveness seems to be a hot topic. Several subscribers are sending in personal questions to God about forgiveness, and several of God’s recently written Heavenletters are also on forgiveness. These will be coming up within the next two weeks.

What is your experience with forgiveness? Are there things that we cannot forgive? What is your definition of forgiveness?” posted under the topic “Heavenletters.”

I was first reminded of a question from ACIM, “Where could your Peace arise but from Forgiveness?” which is a subtext from the section entitled “TO LET FORGIVENESS REST UPON ALL THINGS.”

As one who at age 50 began a 10 year process of remembering incest with Mom, a grandfather and a few “uncles”, I am, at almost 65, clear that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person. It is clearing all of my bodies of everything unlike love divine. If something in another triggers some sense of unforgiveness, then I’ve defined the next level of personal growth for me.

9/11 was a seminal point for me in getting the message that we are all and that anything that resides in another resides in me. It awaken the knowing that only in loving that which some called unforgiveable were we to awaken to the truth of who we are, All That Is. There is no darkness and no wrong, it is all Sacred.

On a practical note when I am called to work with a client on forgiveness I usually bring up the 6 Levels of Forgiveness posited by Deepak Chopra in a PBS special.

1. Set aside personal vengeance
2. Turn away without comment and let God handle
3. Choose to respond in a friendly way
4. Affirm the adversary
5. Forget what happened
6. Restore relationship to creative partnership

In my personal healing I have experienced a 7th level of knowing a Spiritual Partnership or Agreement that was entered into by our souls before taking form such that I can fulfill on the work God/Goddess has called me to provide. There is nothing to forgive.