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stefan's comment on heavenletter # 1832

You know me. You know who I am, what I've done, what my intentions are. I've always kept You upmost and foremost in my thoughts, deeds, and actions and I know there's always a witness, a true witness. My actions are always good and everything I do turns out positive. Everywhere I go people trust me, love me, treat me with respect and give me the opportunity to be myself, speak my mind, and engage freely as I please in normal social intercourse. I have no beef, no complaints, no argument or problem with anyone. I want to live my simple little life writing my story which I hope to sell over www [dot] sunrise [at] sunshine [dot] com or something someday, I hope, by CD's and paint for fun. I don't bother anybody. I mind my own business. And I love every single soul in Creation. God bless You. But, you don't have to forgive me. I did not commit any sin. But, we'll let Jesus judge, if you wish, I'd say, myself.

Johnny Riccio


Dear Stefan,

I wonder if you know how beatifully you write.

Christ himself told us not to judge. He got this straight from God. Why would God or Christ judge any of us then? I think we judge ourselves, and we find ourselves wanting. God to be God, of course, loves us. What kind of God would it be who couldn't love us.

God is well-pleased with you, dear one, and blesses you.

With love, Gloria