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What Happens When You're Mad at God

Another pearl found in the Heavenletters archive. Written May 15, 1999 that shows what God says is timeless...

What Happens When You're Mad at God

Gloria: Dear God, a HEAVEN reader asked what happens when people get mad at You?

God: Perhaps they have no one else to get mad at. Their hurt, disappointment, and anger have to be displaced somewhere because they cannot contain it within.

How virtuous a human being feels when he shakes his finger at Me! But everything serves a function. Even when someone does battle with Me, he is trying to make a connection with Me. His heart is trying. He is trying to be heard, but he cannot hear Me.

It is like he dials a phone number, lets it ring a second, and then his finger hangs up the connection. He talks into the phone, nevertheless, and makes his speech.

Of course I hear him. I see his rantings for what they are — a human cry for understanding and love and wanting his will to be fulfilled.

He is like the toddler who wants his way and stamps his foot and says he will run away. He does not understand why he cannot have what he wants to have, and he expresses his frustration because someone bigger than he has blocked his desire.

This is not to compare a human being's desire for the continued life of a loved one, for example, to a child's desire for a ride on a fire truck. The frustration, partial vision, inability to understand, and the apparent injustice, however, are the same.

As to what happens when someone beats his chest against Me is that he beats his chest against Me.

My love for him on the train of eternity he rides doesn't waver. My feelings are not hurt, and I certainly am not "put out" by the display. I am aware of it, but what I see is a part of Myself hanging on to a train as best it can at that moment. My love surrounds him, as always.

I look for and await the moment when he puts his hand in Mine. When he sees My hand offered to him. When he looks beyond the body. When he looks beyond the hull of earthly life and glimpses an horizon at the tip of his fingers. When He feels a touch of My love for him. When he feels a touch of his love for Me. When he begins to turn his head towards Me. When he dials and lets the phone keep ringing. When he unplugs his ears. When he takes off his mask. When he says, "Hey, God, I want to know You." When he steps into today.

Long Ago Heavenletters

Dear Kirt,

Thank you so much for finding this and sharing it with us all.

Reading a Heavenletter is really the same for me as it is for anyone. It is as if I never saw these words before, and, oh, how much they mean to me. I don't want to say I need them, because God tells us we need nothing, that we have all there is.

At first I was going to say the last line was my favorite. Then I thought I would have to include the whole paragraph. And then I saw there wasn't one line that was less than favorite. Each word sang to me.

I am a receiver of Heavenletters, just as you are, and I feel free to praise these wonderful letters with the best of them.

Thank you so much, Kirt.

Hope you will share other gems with us.

God bless you.

With love,


P.S. I wonder if everyone knows all the work you do. Every day you are doing something for Heaven, and you do it so conscientiously, and even when I'm so particular and change my mind, you are so kind and gracious.