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HEAVEN #1831 Enter Heaven November 9, 2005

HeavenlettersT, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God * Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1831 Enter Heaven November 9, 2005

God said:

Dear Loves of Mine, dear Hearts, dear Friends, dear Seeking Souls, dear Harbors of Love, dear Faces that look Heavenward, dear those whose faith is strong and those whose faith is weak, those who stand before Me and those who would retreat, those who speak My Name, and those who do not, those who are unhappy, and those who are happy, those who give and those who take, those who sense great purpose, and those who feel none, those who walk at an even pace and those who falter, those who are neat and those who are messy, those who speak Truth and those who bear false witness, those who lead and those who follow, those who give blessings and those who curse, those who savor life and those who disdain it, those who give life, and those who take it, those who go astray, those who lead others astray, those in the prime of youth, and those in the prime of age, those caught in time and those caught in space, every single one of you is My child, and every single one of you I address. It is your eyes I look into. It is your eyes I would flutter open. It is your eyes I would moisten with love. It is into your heart I would pour sweet cream. It is to you I whisper, and it is to you I whisper sweet love.

Do you really imagine that I leave anyone out? Do you really think I pick and choose who is to be My beloved and who is to not? I made a choice before your birth, and my choice was to love all. That was the choice I wanted, so I gave it to Myself. It is you who makes other choices. It is you who calls yourself by names other than love. Not I. I know your name and I call you by it.

Sometimes you turn your head as if someone had called to you. I am always calling to you. I whisper in your heart. I call your name.

You are My Divine Love, yet you think you have failed. You think you are without love, or that you have given it only sporadically and received little back. Any way you look at it, you may feel you have failed at life.
With that presentiment, you removed Me from your sight. You abandoned the Garden, and said I sent you out.

I would not dismiss you. I would not evict you. I would welcome you.
I do welcome you. I usher you into Heaven. I take Heaven to you. You do not believe Me because you do not believe in yourself. You think you are a forsaken self only because you have forsaken yourself. You put other Gods before Me, and you put other Gods before you.

Come back, come back, Eternal Child. Rest your feet, soothe your brow, come drink of the water I offer you. Come, be lighted with the light I offer you. Come, be touched by the touch I give you. Come, be heartened by the heart I give you. Come here. Bring everyone with you.

You cannot come alone. There is no sneaking in. There is only entry for everyone. That has to be so. There is no one I would leave out. No one.
But you would. You would assign places. You would put some first and some last and some, if left to you, you would never admit.

That is the difference between us, beloveds. You hold fast to the concept of sin whereas I hold fast to the concept of love. Let go of your concepts and accept Mine. Enter Heaven with Me now. Welcome all as I do welcome all. Come now.

Copyright@ 11-9-05

Oh, My God

Reading this Heavenletter gave me a big blow in my heart, that made me tremble inside and came out as tears from my eyes.
It's as if God said: "Enough of sweet words. Now I am going to awaken you all!"Today's letter could be the manifest for all the Heavenletters.

HEAVEN #1831 Enter Heaven November 9, 2005

Reading Helen Keller's book, My Religion, I see she has same opinion as last paragraph of #1831, Enter Heaven:

“That is the difference between us, beloveds. You hold fast to the concept of sin whereas I hold fast to the concept of love. Let go of your concepts and accept Mine. Enter Heaven with Me now. Welcome all as I do welcome all. Come now.”


HEAVEN #1831 Enter Heaven November 9, 2005

I am always inspired when I read your words and they get right to the point. God loves us All! Which translated through my heart means I love you All!

Blessings and Joy,

Bring everyone with you

Come back, come back, Eternal Child. Rest your feet, soothe your brow, come drink of the water I offer you. Come, be lighted with the light I offer you. Come, be touched by the touch I give you. Come, be heartened by the heart I give you. Come here. Bring everyone with you.

Eventhough I try to be as openhearted as possible, my ego still stops me sometimes, telling me that I shouldn't occupy too much space (on the forum), taking it away from others. So when I sent the translation of Heavenletter # 1831 'Enter Heaven' to Gloria, I expressed my feelings only to her, but then she asked me to share them on the forum. So here is my message to her:
There's something special in this letter, some vibration that triggers something powerful in me. Even my own translation makes me cry. I wonder if anyone else felt this!?

I would like very much to translate the E-Books in Italian. Do you think it is possible to carry out this idea? Is there someone who can do it, if I send you the translations?

As I said to C.M. Yogi: I must thank you for allowing me to find so many wonderful people in all the world, even in Nepal! When I do my translations and exchange messages on the forum with these wonderful people, it's as if I were in Heaven. Then I come back to my daily life and there are all kinds of nuisances (heating doesn't work, lamps breaking, doorlock not working), with everybody nervous, and it's like coming to a dark place. It's as if I lived in two worlds at the same time and the difference between the two is getting ever wider. Well, I guess I just have to try to face it all with peace in my heart.
With all my love,

message to GLORIA

The way I have it figured you are God's Angel of Mercy. When I was in the lowest pits of despair several months ago and when my friend E-mailed me your newsletter I sent you a poem. You reacted with positive reinforcement and thus began the greatest love affair of my life. My love for God. now I have a half a dozen friends who I write to daily who also all share the love I have for the Supreme.
I opened my heart, my mind, my soul to you and you answered. You. You Gloria. You have given encouragement back to a man who was forsaken by everyone else. Now, with hope for the future I can face each day as it comes, not knowing what it'll be; but, yes, believing I know who is sending it. NO?


For Paula and Stefan

Dearest Paula,

Yes to everything!

Dear One, I truly don’t know what you ever have to ask me. Maybe just let me know every once in a while!

Kirt is away this weekend so it may be a little while before he reads your question about ebooks in Italian. For myself, I am totally thrilled that you have this idea and would like to make it happen. It is hard for me to imagine that Kirt wouldn't be also.

This Heavenletter, Enter Heaven, does the same for me as it does for you. Is it the words? God’s intention? It really is like He is pouring sweet cream all over us..

I tend to especially love the Heavenletters that are less down to earth and less understandable to the mind.

Who could ever have dreamed of C.M. Yogi being an ardent subscriber of Heavenletters and sharing so with us? And he uses Heavenletters with the street children he helps. And who could have dreamed a beautiful soul, born in Finland, living in Italy, would translate Heavenletters and be such a presence on the community forum? Who could have dreamed that I would ever have a part in Heavenletters? Not I!

Your posting will enrich others’ hearts. You have certainly enriched mine.

As for daily life – tell me about it! You express the trials so well, dear Paula. There was a Heavenletter written that addresses the seeming dicotomy (spelling) of relative life and life in the spiritual realms.

Did you ever read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain? I don’t know how it can really translate and keep the flavor, but Tom is in school, and the children in the class have to give talks. The topic is: Is This Then Life? The children are so serious, and their speeches so funny! And I find I ask myself, too, Is this then life? And I guess it’s best to not take it seriously.

Dear Paula, I would be remiss to not thank you for joining the forum and adding such depth to it. You are one of the gifts that God has given Heaven.

Love, Gloria

Dearest Johnny,

And I say the same to you, Stefan/Johnny. You have brought great light to this community forum.

Your words are always lifting us higher. At the same time, what you say is real and down to earth. Grounding AND uplifting.

God tells us that we are all His angels, working for Him, spreading light. In that sense, we are equal angels. Are you less an angel for sending me a poem?

All glory goes to God.

He blesses us all.

With love,


to paula

I, Gert had also the idea to translate the E-book, then in Dutch.
Coincidence? I do not think so!

one4alltimes, Gert

Italian Translations

Hi Paula,

Let's work together on creating the Italian E-books. I have the original Microsoft Word documents already laid out ready to go. All you'd have to do is translate and delete the English as you go. Once translated, I could convert it into an Adobe PDF file and make it available for download on the Heavenletters website. That way, yours would look exactly like the English and Dutch versions.

Whenever you're ready to start, let me know and I'll get you what you'll need.

Love and Blessings,


Dear Kirt,
that's just fantastic! I was wondering how to proceed but you resolved the problem. Otherwise I'd have to copy the original e-books in word and work on them there, but I'm not sure if that would work. So, I'm ready to start as soon as you send me the material. You have my e-mail address, don't you?
Can't wait to start!
Thankyou, Kirt

message from stefan

you guys all amaze me.

Guys gals.
Same thing right?