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here's a real good one.

I guess I would have to say that most of the fears, which were of panic dimension daily, and my guilt complex, which was making me suicidal almost, nearly has abated 99.99% since joining Heavenletters a few months ago. For 30 years I've been looking for friends who I could relate to. This is the only place I have been able to find them. Not that I haven't tried. Sure. There are a lot of self doubts. Insecurities that ego tries to cover up. You know. But not like before. Nothing like that. I am me. I have a right to be myself. I can think anything I want, say anything I feel like and do what I like. I would never hurt anyone. Why would I? Ignorance? Yeah right! I'm stupid. I don't think so. No.


here's a real good one.

I think this is a real real miracle you speak about! Of course, when we speak about miracles, we think about some extraordinary thing we see or hear, and here you are, instead, telling about something that is one of the greatest miracles. - One day we'll all be able to live together free to be who we are.
By the way, today's Heavenletter makes the point on this subject. Did you read it already?
Thankyou for what you are!

here's a real good one.

are and stay beloved as that one WHO YOU ARE


Love knows no bounds.

Here, just in this thread, we have it from Sarasota, Florida; Ravena, Italy; and Munich, Germany. I would like to add Fairfield, Iowa.

I, too, would not have made such friends if it weren't for Heavenletters. And Heavenletters have also changed me!

Love to us all,