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Barbara Dixon

hello barbara - one of my daughters looked for this name ,too - and welcome here on this wonderful board!
it seems I am the only one here - even if it is deepest night here in Germany

so you see - it is an international board!!!
heavenletters are read all around the world

we are a bit curious about your "path"
we welcome your postings
we welcome your answers to others' posts

it is beauttiful to be here
it is a guarded space
for being as that one who you are


Dearest Veronika, the welcomes you give are exquisite and charming. Thank you so much for welcoming new members of this forum so warmly. I know you do this on behalf of us all.

Dearest Barbara, since you have not really introduced yourself, let me take a moment to do so.

Barbara is the host of the radio show I was on in late October. She's the lady who said all those gorgeous things about Heavenletters.

She is the author of Keys to the Kingdom, Opening to God as Source. She is also working on a course that embraces the beautiful principles of Kawanzaa, and I hope she will share some of that with all of us. From everywhere, the essence of Truth is exactly the same.

Incidentally, it was Gary Schineller who introduced Barbara and me to each other. There is a Hello from My Heart day or week a year when people greet each other with Hello from My Heart. When people do that, crime rate has gone down considerably.

You know what? I think that this Heavenletters Community Forum is greeting everyone with Hello from Our Hearts.

Welcome, Barbara.

With love and blessings,