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welcome to dandog and betty bjorkman

hi to you

I wrote your welcome message this afternoon but it seems
the message went its own way

a heartily welcome to you

enjoy your being here with us

as we enjoy to read from you, your way, your writings ... your answers to other postings

here in this "guarded" space you can be as you are

you are welcome


Welcome to all! To those who arrive and those who welcome new members.

VeroniKA, thank you, dear one.

With love and blessings,


welcome to dandog and betty bjorkman

Hello to you Gloria and all and ALL

thank you, dear, for the embracing words you always send -

they are most welcome here

I have to go through lots of tests written by "my" pupils - and I better liked to do anything else -

so I take your all words
go through the test with love and JOY

and may be immediately this is done!!!

and here is a lily for YOU ALL