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Miracle Healing Man in Brazil


I just found this site today about
the Miracle Healing Man in Brazil,
John Of God:

In search of a miracle millions have come over a span of 44 years to be healed of their terminal or incurable illness such as Cancer, Tumors, Heart Conditions, AIDS, Blindness, Asthma, Neurological, Psychological & Addictive Disorders, every form of illness imaginable.

John of God's healing abilities are similar to the renowned American healer Edgar Cayce, known as 'The Sleeping Prophet' from the nineteen sixties and seventies. While asleep, Healing Spirits worked through Edgar prescribing unusual concoctions yet healing over 14,000 people.

Healing Spirits work through John of God the same way.Using him as their healing instrument, John provides hope and cures for the terminally ill who have exhausted all other avenues of modern medicine.

John of God is acclaimed to be the greatest healer since our beloved Jesus the Christ and is living proof once again of God's presence, of God's love. Whatever your beliefs are, the truth can not be denied.

Joao has been doing his healing work for over 40 years as a free service, with well-known individuals such as Shirley MacLaine (who was told she could never dance again until Joao cured her stricken legs caused by a tumor in her stomach).

There is no charge for John's services.



Dear Shahid,

Isn't that a beautiful way to be called: John of God. So simple.

We should all call ourselves that. Shahid of God. Is it not the truth?

And I love that he gives and does not charge, and I'm sure he's rewarded immeasurably. I am sure that with every healing, he is the one blessed the most.

Isn't it wonderful to know that he exists in these times?

With love and blessings,