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It is NEW and it is YOU

It is You and it is New
by Lisa Renee

The Multidimensional Being

even panic. My heart was beating fast. I looked outside to see a
beautiful orange morning sun with its streaming rays highlighting the
clouds of the storm just passed. I became aware that my cellular body
was vibrating with a knowingness of something inexpressible, some
levels of new energetic information of such vastness that it was
all-encompassing. I looked outside the window again to see this
magnificent view on the horizon as if it would reassure that "part"
within me that... everything is okay, everything is peaceful. All
things will be All right. I was somewhat bewildered at this cellular
response, when I genuinely could feel in my heart that I had so much
to be grateful for. I spent the morning breathing in that peace and
cultivating acceptance and gratitude for all of the wonderful things
showing up in my life.

I could not help but feel the sense that ALL of us are
feeling the weight of this intensity of change and grappling with
these unruly or fearful unexplored parts of ourselves. All of these
personalities, all of these hats, all of these labels that we wear as
human beings. Mother, father, teacher, healer, child, sage, emissary,
innocent fool, spiritual warrior, business person, spouse, partner...
WHO Am I Today? Why do I feel as if I am inside a "pressure cooker"? I
cannot "see" this Pot I am getting cooked in, yet I surely feel the
temperature rising to most uncomfortable levels! What are WE being
prepared for? Why do I feel that my body is "scared" and anxious?

Many of us, especially those reading, are acutely aware
that we are experiencing a huge shift on this planet, for humanity,
for all life forms. We can feel our multidimensional selves, these
aspects beginning to integrate within us, as we are more fully aware
of the many sensations and presences we had not noticed before. (And
for those of you that are not clear yet to "identify" who that
"Multidimensional" part of yourself is, just tune in to the new and
different, sometimes odd yet familiar new sensations, thoughts and
emotions that you are experiencing daily as you change. It is You and
it is New.)

So much of what we used to do, what we used to be, what
brought enjoyment for us as a person, just does not, will not work
anymore! Some of these realizations are painfully frustrating, while
others bring us great joy. It seems to be time for some training
wheels for the bike or some arm puffers to keep us afloat in the pool.
If I could only figure out if I am on the asphalt or in the water is
my next best guess!

Here Comes the Flood
This energetic coaxing to "Transform" is building momentum
and in its forced acceleration... it is just THAT which is now
flooding the Earth. The Floodgates are open and Humanity's awakening
is being hugely accelerated. What has been a largely experienced as
subtly ethereal, or an intangible sense to those on the path of
conscious awakening, has now shifted to be greatly apparent to many

Now we are being reminded that this process of
transformation is no longer avoidable, that humanity cannot hide from
our creations or sweep our "imbalances" under the rug for much longer.
The whole of Creation, including the Earth body is actively assisting
us with our Transfiguration process to embody the divine truth
residing within us. Unraveling us at the deepest levels of integrity,
the profound magnificent authentic selves of unlimited proportions to
manifest our true soul desires. To recognize that Divine Intelligence
is not outside of us but rather, it exists in every atom and cell of
our physical bodies. Our Revelatory experience awaits Us!

Well then! That sounds so wonderful, so incredibly
awesome! This embodying divinity as the divine destiny of human kind,
any being would want that! Move over, step aside, let's get in line!
Bring it On! Then why can this process hurt so much, why is it so

Ah, we are then brought to the realization of the painful
fear surfacing that we feel inside of Chaos and that Chaos is inherent
in all Transformation. And here we find ourselves, standing in the
Chaos as a part of the process of our Earthly "Transmogrification"
(below) as every Cell our Bodies are being completely , and I mean
COMPLETELY Reorganized!

Main Entry: trans.mog.ri.fy Etymology: origin unknown
transitive senses: to change or alter greatly and often
with grotesque or humorous effect
intransitive senses: to become transmogrified synonym
(See even Merriam-Webster does not know the origin of this
word! Quite frankly I think we ALL could use a bit of humor in our
transmogrification. just about now!)

It is clear we must learn to become comfortable with the
Chaos, to be Calm inside of the Eye of the Hurricane. The keynote for
these times is becoming more and more "adaptable." With our new
heightened senses of perception, we can now just about sense this
chaos. Everywhere around us! And with that being said, okay, repeat
after me, "Chaos is My Friend.!"

Manifestation, A.A., B.A., M.A., Ph.d
As our awakening increases, every soul will seek greater
understanding and ultimate freedom from the manipulation and control
over their fearful human egos. And further, to be liberated from the
control of "other" humans seeking to manipulate with their own selfish
fearful human egos. As evidenced by many, we are in the "heat of this
battle" now. The "Internal Armageddon" has begun for so many of us,
the battle of the Ego Shadow Self vs. the Higher Self or Christ Mind.
This question is constantly surfacing for our review, "To whom/which
will we serve?" The playing field gets trickier every time, the
consequences of our choices greatly intensified into active
manifestation. There becomes no rest for the weary and we come to
understand that... There are NO Neutral thoughts.

Humanity must learn the discipline of controlling our
thoughts and feelings, as well as the focus of where we place our
attention. The Higher Dimensions are subject to the natural laws that
create forms of thought into Instant Manifestation. Manifestation
occurs by using focused thought substance (the raw materials)
energized by our emotional bodies natural state when in the "joy of
creating"(the inspiration of vital forces). Developing these skills IS
the critical factor in our transformation process. These skills are
necessary to result in our cellular transfiguration to experience
these higher realms of co-creating. Hence human beings are getting the
Quick Study of "Learning the Art of Manifestation". And this is not a
"101" or basic course study my dear friends. This is Kindergarten to
Master Graduate in a considerably less time frame. And on some days
this Earth School Curriculum is Tough! Today I ask myself... Am I
going to pass Exams???

When we perpetually turn our attention to the patterns of
perfection (as that in our Higher Self/Christ Mind) of what we want to
manifest in our lives and in the world, we magnetize our ultimate
manifestations. Our Light can then flow into these patterns of
perfection, empowering them without limit, and the appearance of
imperfection that conflicts with those patterns start to dissolve.
When this process is done, day after day, we build the positive power
within our consciousness that transcends negativity or adversity.

We must remember that when focusing/obsessing on our fears
held by the Ego/Shadow Self it may manifest the very things that
frighten us. It weakens our energy field and opens us to negativity.
However, there is a balance to this "clearing" of fear that is very
important. It is not productive to deny negativity or evil for that
matter when it does exist in this reality and it does impact us. I am
definitely a proponent of informed awareness by comprehending the
dynamic of which we as humans are subject to, but without feeding it
your fear. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear as the permanence of
who we really are cannot be threatened.

However we are now facing all of these fears that we have
felt and experienced from our human limitations recorded in our cells
for eons of time. This is 99% of the Ascension and spiritual evolution
process that we are undergoing. This is why it can be so challenging
some days for playing our part in the emotional fear release "game".
Some days I am praying for a reset button. However, we are smack dab
in the center of it and this is a crucial part of our transformation
process to embodying a Multidimensional God Being. And this time we
are playing this game all the way to the finish.

We must become more comfortable facing fear as a part of
the spectrum of emotion in the human experience, without getting
caught up in it. The more comfortable we become facing fear the less
fear we will come to face.

Game Over - Fear Reset Button
Those of you not privy to the Core Fear Removal Program,
Cord Cutting Visualization and/or Emotional Release Newsletter from my
archives and would like it, please email me a request. These have been
powerful tools for many of my clients, including myself. At times I
had to force my ego out of the way of what it thought was productive
for my time and discipline myself to actually focus or lay down
somewhere during the day to complete the exercise. It is worth it.

The Paper Bag Syndrome
Right now, many of us are smack dab in the most intense
layers of our personal transformation process and emotional healing.
Not only are we doing our own release work but now other humans near
us seem to need us even more than ever to help them! Our phones are
ringing off the hook, people need advice! You seem to be as an info
hub directing others to their next destination. Even as simple as
directing someone to the nearest gas station seems to be your singled
out task on the sidewalk while in the company of hundreds around you.
Are you wearing a uniform? How do THEY know you have the answer to
their question?

I want to congratulate those of you experiencing this as
you must acknowledge your mastery and that you are more "together"
than you believe yourself to be. You are vibrating higher. You are a
Master. Own it.

So as we own and stand in our "Master-hood" it does seem
curious so many of us feel we could not manifest ourselves out of a
"paper bag" these days. So many things in our lives feel disorienting
and off schedule. Rather sends a mixed message doesn't it? Oh Divine
Multidimensional God Self... are you manifesting here in density or on
the 122nd dimension? We keep checking our inner reality next to the
outer reality, and that duality is still there! How can that be? Are
we just here for purposes to stand on the sidewalk and direct people
to the next cross street?

Well with my old financial background in Lisa-Part One
this brings me to the concept of "Gap Analysis". Somehow we are over
here looking at what it looks like "over there". We can see, feel,
taste and just about sit on this new reality and yet we open our eyes
wide enough and it disappears from view. We start to over analyze
everything we did or did not do "here", to make that new reality "over
there" a clear manifestation into the now density. There is a Gap. And
if it's not on our time table or like we experienced it in the past,
we mentally beat ourselves up for our less than perfect
"manifestation" skills.

Little do we know that the foundation is being built for
something so vast, so huge, it is inexpressible. The quantum leap in
evolution for untold amounts of life forms is opening huge
opportunities for us to play and experience in a completely new
paradigm. The groundwork we are laying at this time is way beyond our
belief in its scope and impact. It is not up to us (as the ego self)
to interfere with the Creation Mechanics of Multidimensional Ascension
of an entire species, let alone a planetary and Universal Body. For
goodness sakes, let's settle down; I think we can live with a
transition Gap of time into our new reality. Let us surrender and
relax a bit.

We are at a fulcrum of very interesting energy dynamics
from a dimensional reality perspective. This phase transition is
something that we have been preparing and training for quite awhile.
We are much closer than ever before to a new reality and yet it still
feels elusive and ambiguous. That divine paradox seems to be amplified
at all levels of what we are experiencing in our lives. Our mouths are
watering for something delectable and delicious yet we have no clue of
what we are about to taste and swallow.

However, we are getting clearer and clearer every day
about our choices, decisions and what lies within as our own personal
integrity of soul truth. We are cleaning up layers upon layers of goo
and grime from our subconscious, inner baby and the collective
unconscious mind. Even the Ancestors are showing up when they can with
a "dustbuster" helping us with the necessary "house cleaning".

The Universe is waiting for us to be fully present, fully
aware and fully brilliant as the points of Light We Really Are. You
know, those "Gods in Amnesia." And yet, we still just don't believe
it. We have one toe in and one toe out and well it feels good , but it
feels too good to be true. We are at the next levels of fully
embracing the experiential components of our Multidimensional God
Being rather than just intellectualizing about it. When we Are the God
Being-ness that is when the limits are off, no holds barred. And
that's where we are, we are finally ready to belly up to the bar.

Let's all Stand Up Together as We Are All here as One!
There is no sense manifesting this amazing new reality from impatience
then when you do wake up to your God Being-ness say, "Oh my... that is
not what I really wanted!" We must be crystal clear in our focus as
responsible manifestors in divine perfection and harmlessness to all
creation. This is a direct function of our spiritual initiation in
embodying this divinity, it then becomes effortless. Until then we are
still in training... so let's have some humor and fun about it all!
Slaving over the makings of a Hot Universe takes a lot of Ingredients,
Love, and possibly... Simmering.

Admittedly, I am still Simmering and Inviting the Rest of
my fellow Simmer-ers to come join the Pot. Have some fun! We are here
together! It's New and its You! I love you Guys!

Until then stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul
Path, We Are here as One!


Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous "kundalini" event several
years ago that catalyzed an "awakening" to perceive multidimensional
realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light.
Guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy, Lisa was trained and downloaded to
comprehend the Science of Ascension and its dynamics upon the layers
of energy fields. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was
experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her
transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic
Healer during this Planet's Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic
Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of
humanity to "Ascension". Along with the Guardians, her mission is to
support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and
by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human
beings and human consciousness. She is an Intuitive, Spiritual mentor,
Writer, Quantum Therapist and Etheric surgeon. She lives and has a
practice in Santa Monica and Encinitas, California. You may contact
her at lisa [at] energeticsynthesis [dot] com