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How Heavenletters helps Ascension

My daily Michael Worldwide Newsletter may seem to be far too 'rosy' for many folks, but each person paints their own world the way they wish to see it. I do strive for balance when possible, but I will always urge my much valued Newsletter readers to see the best, not the worst. This is why, thank God, I ALWAYS post the HeavenSent letters there NOW as a nice balance in all my daily newsletters. I feel my full-time 'job' (and yours) like St. Germain's is to keep our attention off of what appears to be a dark world 'reality'---and ON the exciting, actually much more real to me!

We have been urged by many of our wise mentors to stretch our fantasies to the limit!! So I AM--and I do, and I strongly urge all of you to so do too....

In FACT, I feel almost 100% certain that via Heavenletters we who aspire for Ascension are already NOW receiving the kind of warm, loving 'mentoring' that our Galactic Neighbors will be doing with all of us within a few years--with the same 'feel' and exactly the very same kind of material as presented now in HeavenSent letters... Her God-inspired letters are to me literally an ASCENSION MANUAL for myself, yourself and all of our Earth human masses.

I believe St Germain when he and others of the Galactic Federation constantly repeat that there is nothing to worry about for within a few years body illness or sickness will be completely gone!

It feels right to me--for more LIGHT in the body simply has to equate to greater body health

As St. Germain and our space mentors (and God via Heavenletters) says, being 'centered' at all times and just holding that 'calm state' no matter what anyone says or does around us is the best 'good work' and the most any one of us can do...and that feels good and right to me. I AM sure Abraham would agree 100% to that, as well. And I feel you do too.

We are "arriving" there! The 'signs' are all around us and obvious.

Please make moment-to-moment daily effort to HOLD your calm feeling and envision great JOY and lasting peace on Earth. For it is unfolding before us. Let us make it so in our hearts, minds and souls--and 3-D 'reality' must follow. As above, so below. Harmony breeds harmony!

Bless your heart. Bless us all on Earth....I AM, Michael