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God's Thoughtprints

From our first breath of life we are on a quest for who we are. The paths vary, but the focus is the same. I began my spiritual journey at the age of twelve. At that time I was attending a christian church and much of the teachings left me empty. We (my higher self & I) decided to test the waters of learning. Through the years we became avid readers of Joel Goldsmith, Flower Newhouse, Raynor C. Johnson, Joseph Benner and others. We soaked up their knowledge like a sponge. The one book that we continually return to is "The Impersonal Life". When Heavenletters came into our life, we knew, without a doubt that Gods thoughtprints had sent another messenger through his internet frequency waves. As in "The Impersonal Life", here is God teaching directly to us in a loving non-judgemental way. Many are asking "what can I do to help?", the answer has come in the form of Heavenletters. We will be the ones who "forward" his love to everyone on His planet. Forwarding the Heavenletters is your gift to humanity from God.
Claudette ^j^