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We live in interesting times. World events that might have seemed unimportant to us some years ago, are now raising our eyebrows and accelerating our heart-beats because they are happening closer to our own backyards. We are becoming more and more aware of the need to wake-up from our slumbers and to take some kind of action.

Many people are experiencing these rapid worldwide changes with an increased sense of anxiety. Some are struggling to discover the meaning behind this seeming madness. Some are desperately seeking for something, anything that would help them to feel safe and secure, and know peace once again.

We can never find that something in the outer world until we first find it within. And when we find it within, and we cherish it with all our hearts and minds and souls, no matter what happens in the outer world, we will walk through it filled with deep inner peace and with assurance that all is well.

This something is the Infinite and All Powerful Loving Spirit of God who has always been with us, within us and all around us – God who is All in All and All Through All.

Awakened to the realization that there truly is nothing else but One Loving God expressing through everything everywhere, and experiencing ourselves at-One with It, we become free from all worries, from all anxieties, from all lack, and nothing else matters to us but to express the Love and Creative Power of God.

The action we are to take begins by getting intimately acquainted with this Infinite Loving Presence of God within us by listening to the wisdom of our hearts. God is Love. God speaks to us through our hearts. When we begin to trust and honor this voice within our hearts above all else, we find peace. When we have the courage to follow this voice within our hearts, we find fulfillment. When we allow the love of God within us to express freely through all that we think and say and do, we find how easy it is to rise above seeming obstacles on our paths and we watch in amazement how obstacles miraculously dissolve into nothingness. Surrendering to the Love of God, we begin to experience a new pulse of life surging through our beings. We begin to notice loveliness we never noticed before as our eyes become filled with wonder at transformations taking place within us and all around us.

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, are here to remind us of this truth – the truth we can easily recognize by turning our attention to our hearts.

Most of us have become so immersed in this material reality that we have completely forgotten why we are here. We have become stressed, frightened and exhausted chasing that which is perishable and meaningless in itself, forgetting that all things which exist in this material world are merely tools designed to help us dig out and express spiritual treasures which are buried deep within us. What a relief when we discover that all that which is truly meaningful has always been with us, within us and will remain with us forever.

Heavenletters are designed to help us bring the truth about our divine nature into our conscious awareness. They are blazing with Light and dripping with Boundless Love and Infinite Wisdom. Heavenletters are a priceless gift from God – drink of them and let them nourish your soul. Their power will pierce through any shields you might have placed around your heart, helping you to remember how true Love feels.

When we begin to remember the magnificence of God within us, our hearts begin to soften. The iron bars we have placed around us to protect ourselves from seeming calamities of this world begin to melt, as we realize that our True Selves are forever safe and it often happens that tears of gratitude appear in our eyes. Sometimes it may even seem that our tear ducts are attached to Niagara Falls as feelings of deep love and gratitude become unleashed within us. It is OK. It happens naturally when we begin to remember how delightful it feels being aware of the presence of God's love within us. What else could we feel but deep gratitude when we realize that we have always lived and moved and had our beings in the Boundless Love of God, that we were always loved and cared for, that the only purpose of any calamities we ever experienced was to help us to remember love, and that this Love was never withdrawn from us, but rather than we withdrew our awareness from it.

As you read Heavenletters, you may also hear a compassionate laughter resonating within you, a loving, uplifting and healing voice which says "So what?" when you begin taking life too seriously – laughter which has the magical power to dissolve all of your burdens so that you may travel lightly and enjoy the journey wherever your life path leads you.

Don't just read Heavenletters – savor each precious word that is written in them and let them permeate and uplift your soul.

May Heavenletters help you to fully awaken to the realization of your Divine Self.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio
Hypnotherapist / NLP Master Practitioner


Do you agree that this is a most magnificent introduction to Heavenletters?

Laura continues to be a great friend to Heavenletters.

Blessings and love,


A truly exceptional forward by Laura

Yes, Gloria, this is truly a beautiful, sincere and absolutely true portrait of how Heavenletters make people feel. If there is ever a time when, for whatever reason, I do not feel close to God, I can read a Letter and will immediately feel the loving arms of my Creator wrapped snugly around me, keeping me safe and secure, and helping me to realize that I am truly, deeply and completely LOVED!

Marvelous forward!

Love, Light and Blessings,