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We are accustomed to listening to our mind. Connecting with our spirit,with our inner wisdom, with the love that always lives within takes practice.A trapeze artist must let go of one bar before they can leap to the other.They must surrender their grip on one in order to fly to the next.That moment of surrender is made easier if we trust the process.

As you begin let go of your mind and begin to reach out to your spirit there is that moment of surrender.Let go and trust your process.You are letting go of your limitations and reaching out to connect with your limitless self. Reach out and let yourself fly.

With love,

Life is but a dream - sweet dreams!
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The image of a trapeze artist made me feel dizzy when I compared it to letting go of the mind. That's what it is: letting go of one bar (mind) before you leap to another (the Spirit; Heart). Do I have the courage to trust the process?? I wonder...