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Three Days of Special Live Puja Broadcasts: Sunday through..

Three Days of Special Live Puja Broadcasts: Sunday through Tuesday

In honor of three very auspicious days in the Vedic Calendar there will be special Pujas with Vedic Pandits broadcast live on the Maharishi Channel by satellite and on the Internet.

Dhanvantari Day Sunday, October 30th. Time: 12:26 Central Europe time (5:26 AM US Central time).
Dhanvantari is the embodiment of Ayurveda, the eternal science of life. On this Day of Dhanvantari the tradition of the complete knowledge of Ayurveda is revived and enlivened in human awareness. On this day the Laws of Nature that support perfect health and immortality are especially lively.

Hanuman Jayanti, Monday, October 31st. Time: 12:20 Central Europe time (5:20 AM US Central time)
On this day the Hanuman quality of Natural Law is most lively, helping to maintain the flow of evolution in an uninterrupted way.

Day of Mahalakshmi, Dipavali, the Festival of Lights. Tuesday, November 1st. Time: 13:45 Central Europe time (6:26 AM US Central time).
The Day of Mahalakshmi is the most important day of the year in the Vedic calendar. Mahalakshmi is that impulse of Creative Intelligence in Nature that is responsible for prosperity, growth, and affluence. On this day that element in Nature whose Creative Intelligence represents all possibilities, prosperity, and fulfillment is most lively.

We will rebroadcast each day’s celebration later in the same day at: 1:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 10:00 PM US Central Standard time (20:00, 02:00 and 05:00 Central Europe standard time).

To view the celebrations on the internet visit or

Jai Guru Dev


Dear friend,

I'm sorry I don't remember your real name so I could email you personally about this.

Your postings are always wonderful. I love to read your thoughts and all your deep responses to other people's postings.

I have to remind you, dear one, that this forum isn't for posting schedules of events. It just isn't the place for it. Of course, share your feelings and thoughts about pujas but please refrain from announcing schedules of events. It's too much like promoting. Certainly, give the web site, as you did, and let those who want to know more take the initiative to find out more. No matter how fine events may be, this forum simply isn't for posting them.

If you promote events, dear one, then others are going to copy you and do the same. And then this section of Other Spiritual Messages just won't be so interesting any more.

I know this was an innocent error. Please don't be offended when I ask you to replace this posting with a message more in line with sharing knowledge.

God bless you.

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