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Dear Friends,

Ken and Raj, you have both already posted some powerful writing. It is my desire that everyone read what you have written, Ken under Creative Writing and Raj under Personal News. Thank you so much.

And,dear Roseanne, thank you so much for registering. I look forward to reading what you post, dear one.

Do you know that you and Raj both live in Australia? As a matter of fact, many Heavenreaders come from Australia!

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

welcome freinds.

anytime you want to write
i'm here.

i'm here all day.

i'm looking for new friends.

i like all kinds of spiritual stuff.
don't mind getting too personal.

write me, please.



You are a friend to all!

Please know how much your responses are appreciated. YOU are a friend.

You are the first to respond to C.M. Yogi's post! I think it was under Spiritual Journey.

You write powerful poems, so simple too, so real, and so honest. And you share your heart.

I do not respond every time -- I want to leave room for others to respond -- but know I read and enjoy every time.

With love and blessings,