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Suzanne and I keep asking the Universe - "How much better than this can it get?" And it just keeps getting better!

I wanted to share how much we enjoyed the time on the Pilgrimage to Israel. Jeshua called for us to dance, play and hug and love one another - we definitely did that and extended it to many new brothers and sisters too. Sufi sheiks and their families, Bedouin tribes people who shared their tent home with us at Jericho, Jewish settlers and peace activists who shared their dreams, Palestinian Muslim and Christians all desiring an end to separation and conflict, yet each determined to maintain their sovereignty and self respect.

So many hopes, so much love and willingness to step out and be heard. Let no one have any illusion that what we hear and see in the media is only the very base line of humanity's experience. There are many beautiful people - in fact, a world full of them all doing their best to keep life flowing and vibrant and in harmony with one another.

Jerusalem is without doubt the centre of the world and as such is the place where everything surfaces for healing. I truly can see how each time we visit we are not only each impacted personally by this vortex of high energy, but also we impact it with our love. Just as when I find peace in me I project it outwards, if this little city at the crossroads of the world can find peace it will emanate out from there into the world.

What an experience Suzanne and I had with 80 brothers and sisters - I honestly cannot describe the joy I felt from being together with these people. Those of you who have not been away on a structured tour will probably not be able to appreciate what our guides and drivers pointed out on more than one occasion - we were a truly awesome and special group of family with a single focus. So much so that even though many experienced discomfort from physical and emotional issues the activities went on as scheduled and our sense of Oneness never left us. Congratulations to all.

Managing the event was one great lesson in itself - for me personally the challenge was to maintain my peace while all around me was presenting the opportunity for disquiet - and I discovered that I thrived on (and loved) the challenge.

It's been almost two weeks since Suz and I Ieft Jerusalem and since then we have experienced Eilat on the Red Sea, Petra in Jordan, Paris and Bangkok. Each place brought many gifts (read challenges) and the Israel adventure was quietly slipping away from consciousness until I started this morning working on the final bookkeeping. The memories came flooding back and I remembered the reason why I love this work, this life and the fun of bringing people and places together for mutual growth. As our beautiful Syrian nun friend Jostina who takes care of St Marks church, site of the Upper Room of the Last Supper says "WE HAVE A GREAT GOD!".

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Love and Blessings and if we don't connect again before Christmas - enjoy, have fun, sing, dance, shout and love one another as if your life depended on it - for indeed it does!

Raj & Suzanne :P