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Dear Gloria Ji


I'm always inspired and touched by the Heavenletters and I do send them to my friends who are seeking true wisdom or inspiration to open up their hearts.

I read the Heaven’s e-books of 100 Heavenletters as well and realize that they will definitely help people to become happy, positive, content and spiritual....

As you have asked me - " I would also like to ask you if you would be willing to write the foreword for e-book 6? It would be an honor to have you." In fact, I'm only a volunteer trying to serve the society at my level best , and also I’m only an ordinary traveler of the path of spirituality, so what can I write as the foreword for e-book 6? However, I have here expressed my feelings and simple thoughts in your respect and for the honor of this great work. You can use it anywhere, in any form, with any correction.

Foreword to E-book 6

"I have been reading the Heavenletters for nearly last one year and each time feel that Heavenletters are the perfect solutions of all the hatred, jealousy, violence, conflict, injustice of this world. Also it's a best tool to uplift every single human being on the path of spirituality as it does not speak about any religion but only love, not about the particular culture but only Dharma, not about the principles but only the service above oneself, not about any ism but only the peace, not about the doctrines but only the true Self Realization.

Therefore, for me, Heavenletters are like Mantra which I can repeat, like Hymns which I can sing, like Prayers which I can pray at any time in any situation and like divine Song or Bhajan which I can share with all. I don’t know, Why do people fight in the name of religion or doctrines? I have found the Triveni ( power of trinity ) Gyan, Bhakti and Karm as the Bhagavad Geeta says, in Heavenletters. Also I have tested the divine nectar of Vedanta and Upanishads in the Heavenletters as they speak about Brahman, the Supreme Reality or consciousness .

I have been trying to serve the society for last 22 years through my work, and I realize that the Heavenletters become another great tool for my spiritual work at a right time. Therefore, I have been spreading Heavenletters and sharing them with my friends, students, family members and with seekers of spirituality. In fact, the Glorious work of Heavenletters is always praiseworthy.... i have found that the expression is blessed sometimes by Buddha - the True Knowledge, sometimes by Ram and Krishna - the great Karma Yoga, sometimes by Shankaracharya - the Divine Wisdom . And very importantly and especially, Heavenletters speak about Bhakti, the true devotion, which is the only essence of all Dharma, the only message of all the great spiritual masters. No one can feel God without Bhakti, so the Heavenletters are truly love letters, which lead us on the path of Bhakti, and make us feel LOVE, a very unconditional LOVE .

Thank you Gloria Ji, for sharing this good work , May God/Goddess bless you, so you keep on spreading the nectar of Love through the Heavenletters, may you live in true LOVE and speak/ write only for LOVE.


Principal - Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal(HVP)
Founder - Shanti Sewa Ashram ( SSA)
Patron - Youth Society for Peace ( YSP) and www.hvpnepal

Foreword to Heavenletters

This foreword by Dr. C.M. Yogi is pure poetry.
It's true that Heavenletters show the various aspects of God. One letter underlines one aspect, another may underline another one. I could always feel them but couldn't put names on them. It's wonderful to see that these aspects actually have names such as C.M. Yogi uses. I'd love to know what's the name for the aspect of Unconditional Love.


So very beautifully spoken!!! That is one of my favorite things about Heavenletters... they speak to all aspects of spirituality. They speak of God without any religious preference, so that those of us who are spiritual without being religious can embrace each and every precious aspect!!!

Such a beautiful forward!!! So perfectly expressed!



Dear Kim,

I am also one of those who are spiritual without being religious.

And I am also so glad that those of us who have religion deep in their hearts can also read Heavenletters without conflict.

God is God!

Thank you for joining this Heavenletters Community Forum and for posting your responses.

God bless you, Kim.

With love, Gloria


Hi, Gloria,

Thank you for the welcome... I am delighted to be here.

Yes, God is certainly God, no matter what spiritual or religious beliefs one has, and I am so grateful that Heavenletters are out there to bring all of us together, no matter our ofiliation or belief system, or lack there of.

Love and Blessings,



I'm touched by the feed back Paula Ji, actually only the good people have the quality to appreciate the beauty of the world.

as she has asked me - " I'd love to know what's the name for the aspect of Unconditional Love ".

Thanks a lot for your curiosity. i think it's called Bhakti or Niskam Bhava according to the eastern philosophy . Actually loving someone is good, but expecting something back is bad , it's like a business... so we loose the purity of love . One thing we must not forget that the world is lacking in pure love or Unconditional Love now a days, so we can talk or write enormously about love but has no love, therefore, the world is suffering now, the family system is breaking down, the children/youths are violent now. So we must understand, practice and then preach Unconditional Love as the Heaven letters are preaching now, then we need no other Dharma as it's the only Dharma.

Thanks a lot to Kim Ji also for a good feed back, i appreciate your view , actually religion is like the ladders which we use to reach at the top of spirituality.



cm yogi


Namaste C.M. Yogi

Thankyou for your profound teaching expressed in just a few words. You really touched my heart. There's so much I could learn from a master like you, but if God has placed me in the western society in this moment, I accept that there's a reason for that. Maybe you can write something more on this forum for our enlightenment?
Bhakti or Niskam Bhava - I will meditate on this. Thankyou.
God IS always with you!


Dear Paula ji , Namaste

[html]          [/html]thanks alot for your lovely email with the simplicity of heart . In
fact, the first step of enlightenment is simplicity which i have realized
in you ; i no many people in this world who have EGO that they know
everything but how many are there who can accept that ' i know nothing but
it's only His blessing... " Actually Gloria Ji is one of them who has
surrendered herself in His service .... , she has dissolved herself in His

[html]          [/html]No matter where we live but how do we live ? that's the only important
thing. God appreciates offer or worshiping of every being, never mind, it's
from the east or from west. yes , i must admit that i belong to the east ,
so naturally i feel comfortable to give the examples of the east but it does
not mean that i propagate the east, in true love no barriers exist.

[html]          [/html]Well regarding, Bhakti or Niskam Bhava ; Bhakti means true love with
God, no matter how do you call Him, but a complete surrender for Him. The
Upanishads say that without Bhakti one cannot purify the heart and one
cannot to reach Him without having a pure heart, neither intellect, nor
position will take you to Him, but it's only pure heart and Bhakti is the
only way to purify the heart.

[html]          [/html]Niskam Bhava : Geeta says that people perform their duties with two
different aspects, one with Niskam Bhava and another with Sakam Bhava.
Sakam means expecting something in return while you are performing any duty
or worshiping God. But Niskam means expecting nothing back but only
performing the duty sincerely or worshiping Him with love , only love. Why
should make a bussiness with Him ? why should we make any demand ? why
should we keep conditions in love ? why not to love Him as He loves us
beyound all the conditions...

[html]          [/html]Hope you like my thoughts and feelings, thanks for being so open
hearted with me to share the views.... .

[html]          [/html]Namaste to all.

[html]          [/html]love+peace+service

[html]          [/html]cm yogi

niskam bhava

C.M. Yogi, Namaste
Thankyou for your elightening words. I can feel so much love in them. I always dreamed about going to Nepal or Tibet and it seems incredible to me that I can actually communicate with you like this. I must thank Gloria for spreading Heaven on the Earth like this.

About Niskam Bhava: it is so difficult to love without expecting anything in return, if only a 'thankyou'. This kind of love is difficult to find in the world.
And I feel it is difficult to find the golden middle way between spiritual pride (thinking to know everything and being superior to others) and not belittling oneself too much, as this would not be serving God well either. It's like walking on a razor's edge. Maybe you can give some enlightenment on how to find the balance between the two extremes.

I am so grateful for your willingness to share your heart's knowledge and love.


Dear Paula ji , Namaste.

A right company with a Right person is called Satsang in our eastern culture , so i'm happy that our Satsang is going on through the email. And the Hevenletters has become like a sacred place ( temple, church, mosque, or synagogue ) for us where the people are gathered and pray, sing or do some Satsang.

Yes, you are right, it's difficult to love someone or Him without expecting anything in return, but it's the only ideology of true love ,others are kind of business.... You know , in true love the EGO dissolves naturally and then remains one Oneness, till there is Duality or two different existences true love cannot be understood & realized. So highest love means Non Dualism , so how could be a problem of misbalance ? Balance is need when there are two different aspects, existences or realities but in ultimate love there is only ONE, it's called the highest state of Brahman as the Vedanta teaches us. So there would be no fear of disbalance.

True love or Niskam Bhava or Bhakti means complete surrender to Him and see Him in every being, feel Him through every being ; so this way when we love others we love to ourselves, when we serve others we serve ourselves ; it means we do everything for us or we do everything for Him because WE ARE ONE ; it's Maya or delusion which makes us feel two different existences and ultimately takes us at two different extremes then we quarrel, dispute or kill others but if we have a same feeling of same Brahman or ONENESS how could we do those things ?

So let's try to enjoy in true love or Bhakti, feel Him and feel all , serve Him and serve all.

Hope you appreciate and enjoy with it as i'm enjoying now to communicate with you and talking / writing only about His glory . Thanks.


cm yogi


C.M. Yogi, Namaste
Yes, I truly enjoy our 'virtual' Satsang. The problem is that the more I enjoy talking to You about His glory, the more things seem to go wrong in my daily life. This makes me wonder: do you think it is possible to feel and live this true love while we are still in the world of duality? Is it correct to pretend having true love when actually we are feeling angry?

Thankyou so much.