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Dear Adrachin,
It is so comforting to receive posts from the forum in my inbox. I like it a lot. There is something very charming in the messages coming here. I love reading them on the forum itself. I guess their arriving via email is a kind of knock on the door.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of this forum. You are always thinking of ways to make everything better for all of us.
God bless you.
With love, Gloria

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Foreword to Ebook 4

I am in wonder at how subtle things make a world of difference. And I have to be so careful not to push friends towards The Light. The Way is to just Be. Not for me to decide. As they come, let them come. As they go let them go. Only to make sure that The Heart is open to all. Yes, the Christ/Buddha potential is in the Heart of every human. This is what I strive to awaken fully. Sometimes I drag my feet and sometimes I fly. Yet, at whatever the pace or difficulty the dying ego presents, this heart is always focused on That.

In Castellano they say, "Me llamo" Which means they call me or I am called. Which is beautiful because one does not completely identify oneself to a name. It's just a name.

So I am called Santhan Naidoo, having twenty-seven revolutions around our sun in this male body, which came about in South Africa, although all countries are my country and all people are my people. Traveling, working and learning/unlearning, I write this foreword to Heavenletters ebook 4, and the media company I founded helps Heavenletters to expand.

The Yoga of Love

After countless cycles of birth and rebirth,
The Lovers Grow closer,
The closeness increases the intensity,
There is a quickening.

Timing, dedication and devotion is of the essence,
If they are to unite.
Cleaning is necessary.
The candles must be lit and the room must be scented with the sweet fragrance of Love.
The curtains must be drawn so all can See The Union.

Perception widens, Awareness expands.
Fountains of Love energy flow through the chamber.
At last the honeymoon room is clean.
The Lovers unite in an explosion that expands into Eternity.

When one is introduced to the science of Yoga, there may come about a sense of being overwhelmed. What are these mystical messages? What is scientific about all these fantastic stories? Levitation and Psychic powers! Sounds very occult. A normal re-action for the contemporary person.

Other's, whom we may refer to as seekers, those who dedicate their lives to re-discovering The Truth, may take more easily to the science. All too ready to cast aside the chains of the world in flux. Throwing aside responsibilities of mundane life and pursuing their quest. Quite often discovering many years later that the struggle was not necessary. The abandonment of mundane world was not necessary. Sanyassin was not necessary.

Some may cast aside the teachings of Yoga in the same way they might chase away God disguised in the form of a beggar. Is this because they do not want to know God? No. It is only because they are not ready to know God. Is the seeker or saint, who dedicate their lives to serving God, of more importance than the accountant, who goes to church or mosque on Sundays? They are equals. Equals who are at different stages in their awareness. For if one had the depth of perception to see to their core, one would find that they are the same. One would find God and one would find Oneself.

The time we live in (Now) is special. All around us are blooming flowers of Higher Consciousness. The seeds planted by the saints and sages from millennia ago, are starting to blossom. Special flowers these are. Flowers of Love Consciousness. This would be a beneficial time to simply stop and smell the roses.

Within these messages of God that go by the name of Heavenletters is Yoga. Yoga for the contemporary person. Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja, All infused within the message weaving their way to Your Heart. Within this Heaven Letter message of God is Blooming a Flower of Love Consciousness. See how it expands into Your Heart. See how it prepares you for the Love Celebration that is happening right now in Your Heart.

The Lovers are uniting. Join them in the Oneness of The Yoga of Love.

Santhan Naidoo
Khanyi Media, International

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

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