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Nov1 Is Diwali

Dear Gloria and all HL Friends,

My Bro's wive's Birthday is on
Oct 29,so we maybe going to
a small resort for an outing.
That's my Pop's Plan-Let's
see if it happens!!

Nov 1 is Diwali here that is
the Festival Of Lights and
we will be bursting crackers.
It's been ages since I even saw
One FireCracker.So all I got to
say is------------Yipeeee!!!!

I am going for a Friends wedding
on Oct 30 and bought a Card
for him today.He is my College
friend Sooraj.He is working in a bank
in another city now.Still not sure
what Wedding-gift to give him..
Any Suggestions??

Have a Great day.

Love and Joy,

Seems there is some need for celebration soon....

I will prepare some firework!

Much Love and Light


Nov1 Is Diwali

Adrachin will create it
I send a few to look at
pleasure for you adn your family and your friend - and a blissful togetherness with his wife -

Nov1 Is Diwali

WOW...Those are some Groovy FireWorks I must

Thank you so much Adrachin and VeroniKa.

Love and Joy,