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My Birthday

Dear Gloria,

Sept 29 was my Birthday and I had
a Lovely day.

My Bro and Wive bought a Pineapple
cake for me.Guess which cartoon character
it was shaped as????????
**Winnie The Pooh** with a Honey Pot
in Hand...Ha Ha ha.......
(Maybe they gave me this as it was
my idea to get the cake for their
anniversary,in the shape of Donald Duck,

My Sweet Mom made Chicken Biryani
at home and it was Lipsmacking.
I wish the whole HL Crew was here
and I would feed them all with my hands.
It was Yummy!!!!!

My Bro gifted me a Portable CD Player.
My Mom and Pop gave me 2 Beautiful Cards.
and of course God and Gloria gave me a
Beautiful HL Today.

I also gave 5 Packets of Rice and some curries
to 5 Hungry and Poor Woman on the streets,as
I was kind of tired receiving gifts and this
time wanted to GIVE.It's not much but
it felt Great to make a small difference.
(Didnt want to write this since I thought
others may think I am trying to kind of
show-off.....but something
made me write it finally.)

Oh...I also got an ecard from our Dear

I had secretly made a wish that I wanted
to be Greeted by God and the Angels
but I think they got stuck in traffic
so maybe it will happen next year.


My Birthday

Dear Shahid,

How lovely that you gave on your birthday. Isn't that just how it's supposed to be? I am so glad that you wrote that because it's a reminder to the rest of us. Sometimes we forget. Anyway, that was beautiful.

As for God and the angels, they do not get caught in traffic! You may have been tying your shoe or something when they arrived and just missed seeing them.

Or maybe they were disguised as the five poor ladies you gave food to.

Your birthday made me very happy too.

God bless you, dear Shahid.

With love, Gloria

the angels for you

dear Shahid -

you thought you had to wait till next year!!!!

but the angels always are around you here!!

may be you didn't feel their touch?
may be you felt it but didn't believe it was theirs

and a few of them had an other party to visit before -

here they've come to meet you finally
to stay with you
to be with you

you beloved one

and even if it is a month later
all the best for this year in your life

be happy
be joyful
be confident and trusting
have fun
laugh a lot
and love
and live your truth
flowing and flowing and flowing
from moment to moment to moment

My Birthday

Adrachin and Veronika...No wonder the Angels
didnt turn up for my Birthday.As I see
in your Pictures,The First Angel
was Busy kissing the Cute Cat and the
Second Angel was busy just being Joy
and lost in its own world....Ha!!!

I Loved the First pic...Really Cute!!