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HEAVEN #1814 Buy the Diamond October 23, 2005

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HEAVEN #1814 Buy the Diamond October 23, 2005

God said:

What seems momentous to you now becomes a little thing later. Let your momentum be with love. This is practical.

Let love occupy your heart and soul and every thought. If you want to be happy, this is how to do it.

If you have a choice of buying a zircon or a diamond, and the real diamond comes with a lesser price tag, you know which one you would buy.

Yet pain and anger and annoyance and hurt come with a high price tag, and too often you buy them over love.

In the shopping mall, you can walk past anything. You do not feel duty-bound to buy this or that just because they happen to be in your vicinity. Does it have to be harder to walk past trouble in any of its forms? Is this avoidance? Is saving yourself grief avoidance?

Bless a situation. Give your love to it. But you do not have to buy it. You do not have to put it on layaway or credit card. You simply do not have to buy it. Beloveds, you cannot buy everything that comes your way.

When I say to love everyone and everything, I am not saying to give your heart away whether you feel it or not. I am saying to reclaim your heart, for it belongs to you.

You owe no apology nor must you receive one. If a relationship changes, it is changed. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the change. What does who said or did what have to do with anything? Something has changed, and you move on and find a new balance. Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean to leave although it may. That you have to work out something doesn’t mean you have to work out everything.

If it is your marriage partner or a mother or father or child, moving on means to stay and work through it. But know that there is nothing for you to work through but the condition of your heart. If the love in your heart does not feel true, then let your love be a simple blessing for yourself and the other. You do not wish them harm. You wish your heart to feel better. Bless, and you will feel better. It costs you nothing to bless yourself and another, and it will give you great rewards.

You are walking down a street, and you meet someone. You say hello, and you say goodbye. Hello and goodbye are both greetings. Sometimes you have to choose. In relationships, hello may have been easier for you, but goodbye is not fatal. And perhaps you can say hello again at a later time. Goodbye for now is okay. In any case, it is all a token thing on Earth, for, in Truth, there is no meeting and there is no parting. There is Oneness.

Sense of Oneness can certainly be interrupted, but Oneness itself cannot.

What seems important is only what seems important. You can even say a situation is important, even urgent, but there is no emergency. It is all a false alarm. That which cannot be true is false. All separation is false.

Restoring your heart to awareness of Oneness is your assignment. Awayness from awareness of Oneness is a surface wound. It is like pressing your finger into water. Pull your finger out, and the water is as it was. The water isn’t wounded.

You can imagine a deep wound all you want, but that does not mean it is deep. Whatever wounds you feel, big or small, love washes them away. With love from your heart, all wounds evaporate.

And when your heart feels not love, love anyway. Love the sunrise and sunset. Love the tree outside your window. Love creation. Love yourself, and love Me. What else is there to do really?

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