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HEAVEN The Past Is Out-of-Date #1813 October 22, 2005

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HEAVEN The Past #1813 October 22, 2005

God said:

Let bygones be bygones. A moment ago is a bygone. What you thought and what you felt a moment ago are no longer valid. No matter how much evidence and proof you have, the past has no validity. Announce or denounce the past all you like, but, still, the past is no longer valid, not that it ever really was.

The past was a mood. Let go of your mood.

Thoughts of the past are thoughts of the past. Even the sweet past has gone by. Memories linger. The sweetness of memories may linger. Memories now are only memories. The past cannot really give you present joy, only a recollection of it. It's not the past's job to give you joy now. By the same token, nor does the past have to give you pain now. The past is past. It is not inviolable. You do not have to choose it.

Whatever you perceived as a problem you perceived as a problem then.
It does not have to continue as a problem. A difficulty perceived is like a letter you received. You cannot keep reading the letter. You have to put it aside. Anyway, things have changed since the letter was written. Things have changed since you first read the letter. All your memories of the past are like letters kept in a drawer. Letters are only letters. They are not the real thing.

Why would you berate the past? It is already away. You can only kick it out of your mind where it lingered. The past is out of date, beloveds, and you have life now.

Surely the past is not Truth. Even when you know factually what happened, the past has evanesced. The kettle was boiling a few minutes ago.

Steam rose from it. And now there is no steam.

Even from a relative point of view, the past no longer exists. The calendar has a box for another day. Your wrist watch gives a new date. You could turn your calendar back to last month or your wrist watch back to yesterday, but it is useless. Time is useless, beloveds, except for the boundaries it makes. Time is only useful because you say so. Time is not really timely.

Time is an illusion. It is time for you to forfeit it.

Perhaps there was an argument yesterday. It does not have to continue today in your mind nor in fact. All arguments would vanish from the face of the Earth when you, My children, would let go of the past.

Anything you hold onto is of the past. What you call the present is moving past your eyes right now. You cannot keep it. This moment is not to be kept. Consider it a dandelion puff, and blow it away. Your harbored thoughts are like the dandelions gone to seed. Do not resurrect your old thoughts. A new dandelion will grow next season. That's fine. But old thoughts brood.

Forget your old thoughts. No longer dredge them up. Remember, even the ones you had a minute ago are old thoughts now. Put them in a little boat and send them on their way. The boat is not to return to you. The boat is going out to sea or wherever old thoughts go.

Thoughts aren't that much in the first place. They are only thoughts. Electrical impulses. Electricity is not meant to get stuck. Nor are you meant to get stuck in your thoughts.

Unstick your thoughts now. Arise. Get up from the chair you sit in.