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HEAVEN #1815 Confidence Is a Decision October 24, 2005

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HEAVEN #1815 Confidence Is a Decision October 24, 2005

God said:

When you know that you are loved, you have the confidence that goes with it.

With or without the realization of how loved you are, you can have confidence right now. Confidence is a decision you make like any other. If you are presently not confident, this was a decision you made. No matter what you based it on, it was your decision. You can make another decision now. You can choose to have confidence in yourself. It is absolutely your choice.

From your level of awareness, there are things you cannot choose, but confidence is not one of them.

This very moment you can decide to have confidence in yourself. You can decide to no longer wait for the world to somehow announce your confidence to you or hand it over. You are the wielder of your own confidence. You can have it right now.

There is great advantage to having confidence. Now, I am not talking bluster or bravado. I am talking simple confidence in yourself from within.

Humility does not mean lack of confidence. Humility means great confidence in Me. The confidence I have in you is absolute. When you have an ounce of confidence in Me, you will have confidence in yourself.

Confidence in yourself doesn't mean that you can master everything.
It doesn't have to mean you can climb the Eiffel Tower or swim across the Atlantic. It doesn't have to mean you can be a great physicist or mathematician. It does mean you can be a great you, and you can be great at what you are called on to do. This does not have to mean what you are comfortable at. You may not be comfortable at all about that which I call on you to do.

That which I desire you can do. That is confidence. Consider confidence as something I confided in you. I confided in you that something was yours to do. You may not even be good at it, but you can have the confidence I have in you.

There is no advantage in waiting for confidence. No one will give it to you. There is every advantage in claiming your God-given confidence now.

It does not matter what your parents thought, or your teachers. It doesn't matter how they made you feel. It matters that you now give yourself permission to be confident. At the very least, with or without confidence, you will do what you are called on to do. So why not have the confidence?

Do you perhaps think that lack of confidence is a lucky charm? Do you think lack of confidence guarantees you success?

Confidence is an inner knowingness that there is something you have to do. It is yours to do. You have to do it. No one can do it for you. Have confidence that when I chose you, I knew what I was doing.

When you have the idea to do something that stretches you, you can be sure I gave you the idea. You may not even have the personal desire to do it. You would not have the desire to do it for yourself, but this is something you do for Me. Have the confidence that you will do it, that I appoint you from My love and wisdom and caring for the world, and that you will do it well.

Knowing you cannot refuse Me, that is confidence.

Knowing that I ask something of you, that is confidence.

Knowing that you are following My will, that is confidence.

Knowing that I am in full possession of My faculties, that is confidence.

Knowing that I am with you, that is confidence.

There is nothing more you need to know.