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HEAVEN #1814 Buy the Diamond October 23, 2005

this one gave me happy Goosebumps. God answers the prayers of all of us. I prayed last night for some wisdom about my life and why it was going through a mess and this came and it all just made sense.

Hey, Goosebumps:

You lucky stiff.
Ah Yah.

Very lucky Person.

Me have no have goosed bumpted
in 6 year now.

Long time, no?

Me think it is very so.
Me wish for goosed bumpted.
Me pray for goosed bumpted.

Me drink chocolate energy drink
promised to give goosed bumpted.

What happen?

Not a ding.

Just a couple of very bad acne.
Bad case, you know?

Any suggestion, now?

Green Eggs and Ham!