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I"m getting past the Past.

Well. Yesterday I wrote to a member and today this member did not write back and I feel quilty because I think I overstepped my boundary. I tend to get a little manic at times. I'm sorry, sweety, if I exceeded the proper limits. Please forgive me, if you are reading this. You know who you are, right? Green eggs and Ham?


Why feel guilty because you wrote to someone from your heart? I know that is all you would do, write from your heart. It probably means nothing at all that they haven't written back.

Maybe someone reading this remembers what God said about guilt? I do remember he wasn't in favor of it!

Anyway, Stefan, you have too much love to give to waste your time on guilt!

Your signature at the bottom. Is that original with you?

God bless you.

With love,


green eggs and ham?

green eggs and ham?
Sam I am?
Dr. Suess.
You don't remember?

Oh, Come on.
Get off it, please.
Give me a break.
Let me get a grip.

Really, darling!

Green Eggs and Ham!

I"m getting past the Past.

guilty - for what
guilty - for having written

dear friend - who talks about guilt
dear friend - who judges any thing
dear friend - your writings make me laugh
dear friend - my laughing makes me cough
and this aches
but coughing a lot brings a sixpack next week!
till then I cough and sleep

and no ham and no green eggs
only green tea!!!!!!