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At this precious moment I just want to share my heart, my love to all Heavenreaders, Heavenlovers, and now Heavenlisteners, all over the world.

Reading today's Heavenletters " Where Heaven Lies" my heart dancing joyfully especially with this sentence "Like a dog's nose, your heart will lead you to what you are seeking". Now I understand clearly that it is my heart who lead me here, lead me to my heart's home, to God where love comes from, when I join here on July 19, 2004.

Since then my heart keep dancing everytime we receive, reading and enjoying God's letter, and even in every moment while enjoying to be God's instrument in radiating, shinning , giving his love to Him and to all mankind. It is a very wonderful moment and undescribeable in worldly word.

I am very grateful belong to this heavenly site, and praying this site will grows bigger and bigger, so that many hearts may return to their home savely and joyfully,

God do bless and love you.

tri gunanto, Indonesia.


Beloved Tri Gunato,

What can I possibly say that equals your greatness of speech? You express with the sweetness of God.

I am so touched that you remember the date you first discovered Heavenletters. It is cause for celebration. God must be celebrating you.

Is there an extra sweetness from other lands? Is there extra sweetness or is it that the expression in English from those who speak another native language is simply extra sweet? What is it? Is there more appreciation? Or am I especially appreciative of that which comes from far away? (Of course, I know there is no far away.)

Yesterday was kind of an International Day for Heavenletters. Not only did you write such a beautiful email, but there were two more international blessings.

There was a question to God from Brissa, a 17-year old girl in Peru. Has she posted her question yet? Everyone must read it. It humbled me so much, Tri Gunato, just as your email did. Sometimes I need some good humbling. I thank God that it comes in such a sweet way.

So I heard from you, and I heard from Brissa.

And also a dear subscriber from Iran called. Do you remember Ali? Like you, he remembered the day he first started reading Heavenletters. Yesterday was the anniversary of his starting Heavenletters. And he called from Iran.

It is Ramadan, and he is fasting, and he called all the way from Iran. And God has privileged me to be the one to pick up the phone.

When there is such sweetness in the world, how can there be war?

Judy in Israel wrote the day before yesterday. She said the newspapers overplay difficulties between Palestine and Israel. She said that the individual Arabs and Jews get along fine, that they know each other and are happy with each other. And yet there seem to be bombings. I don't understand. Does anyone?

How privileged I am to be part of this community forum and be able to say what is in my heart to say to such a worldwide audience of Heaven lovers.

God bless you and keep you and shed light on us all.

With love,