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HEAVEN #1812 Only Eternity October 21, 2005

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HEAVEN #1812 Only Eternity October 21, 2005

God said:

As part of letting go of the concept of cause and effect, it is necessary to let go of your need to understand life and all its varied happenings. It is the intellect that wants to understand. The intellect wants to collect and sort and file and tie everything together nicely. Yet that is not living life. Life is not really the intellect's business. It really is enough to know that everything is connected and interconnected and so connected that there is Oneness and therefore no puzzle to solve.

Letting go of the past and letting go of the need to understand the past are requirements for awareness of Eternity. What you call the present is the same as awareness of Eternity. The present is not an isolated moment.
What you call present is a far greater world than that. When you sort time, your awareness is on the relative, or fragments of it. When you do not sort time, your awareness is in Eternity. When you are in Eternity, time is not even in the equation. Time is not conceived of. Being ascends.

You live in Eternity whether you are aware of it or not, so I want to make that distinction. The only thing needed is the awareness of Eternity. Consider time your left foot, and Eternity your right. When you are walking, only one foot can hit the ground at a time. To have your focus on time is to have your focus off Eternity. When you are conscious of swimming in Eternity, you are not conscious of time. You cannot be on two horses at once.

You can call Me Eternity if you like. Attention on Eternity or attention on God - you are in the same place, or same non-existent place, I should say. Time and space are the same illusions, and both are restrictions. All illusion is restrictive. You are bounded in time as you are bounded in space, and you, who are boundless, need no bounds.

With Me, as with Eternity, there are no divisions. There is Oneness.
It is not even that Oneness prevails, because what is there for it to prevail over? Oneness is what it is. Sense of Oneness is not looking at life with a telescope any more than it is looking at it with a microscope. There is no analysis when it comes to Oneness. Oneness is. Any analysis breaks the awareness of Oneness. Analysis and awareness are two different modes.

Yet to dwell on Oneness has its own value. You are on the scent of Oneness. You follow its trail. At some point, you will be more than on the trail. There will no longer be a trail. You will be on the spot! But, of course, there is no spot of Oneness anymore than there is a trail. You will be immersed in the Oneness you have so desperately sought. All the time it was yours, but you had to seek it. In the moment you ceased analysis, the moment you got past seeking awareness, you were there. The discovery was made!

At that point you have no thought of discovery, however. No flag goes up. Simply you are here, seemingly at the top of the world when there is no world to be on top of. There was no peak to climb any more than there was a place to fall. Arrival is arrival, and yet it is not known as arrival, because you are in Eternity. There is no on or off in Eternity. There is no departure and no arrival except in your awareness. And yet, when you are aware of Eternity, there is nothing to contrast awareness with. There is
simply Eternity, and it has no name.

forever eternally yours.

Always here, relatively human,
this body,
listening to the sounds

Coming from out of the Silence,
bursting asunder my sleep:
putting me deeper into trance,

Sending me out,
Deep into space,
where Time is Endless,
never began,

and thinking

It can't end,

Looking ahead to an endless forever.

NO. This is not an
Eternal Now,



How could a BANG, Cosmic, Universal,
Like have

Interrupted my peaceful, pleasant

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.


You know?