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OK. Writer. I write You, #1.

The life, that was;
Is becoming the life that is.
What will be,
You said,
will come form what I do now, no?

Well, here you have it.
I hope you like it.

About tricks?

Tricks are for kids.
I think I grew up.
I think I aged 1000 years.
Became a man, a while back?

The lesson?
The last enemy is "Death."

To elaborate:
When you know.

It's an illusion.
And It is.
It is.
You see, it has to be?

Life can't end.

When you know that?

I get to love Y.O.U.
for Eternity.

I mean.
You;ll be there for me, won't you?
Ever after?

The Answer is Yes!


God will be there.

Right where He wants to be.

With love, Gloria