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Reply to Heavenletter Oct. 17, 2005

That's what I thought.
That's what I was taught.

Maybe I should forget everything I was taught.
But, even if I wanted to, how could I do that?

I thought I was cause for all that happens in my universe.

I, the Superconscious part of Me.

Me, The all that is, The I am.
The Being, Identity, and Oneness of the essence of existance.

I mean, what else is there?
Is there anyone else out there
that even appears a little real to this thing
I call, myself?


Apparitions, shades, shadows.
An ego here or there, (mostly, bad imitational parts of one anyway).

Oh, I know.
I'm stupid.
I'm human.

I could go on, but, well.

Reply to Heavenletter Oct. 17, 2005

you know
I like it
this reality that only is "mine"!
do really live in reality - what's about the mass?
with guides from everwhere
who think
they know it better
the life
we live
on Earth

they laugh
we struggle
I really love them
they really love me

we laugh
do they struggle,too?

let's laugh with them
sitting on our tiny pink orange cloud
singing all the songs - pretty loud

I am His joyful child

hey Stefan
it's really good
I am always animated to answer
thanks a lot for