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New Venture

I just wanted to announce the launch today of a SMS (Short Message) service which started today in South Africa. By SMS'ing the number 35042 from a cellphone (mobile phone) here and typing in the keyword 'HeavenLetter' you can receive a new 160 character excerpt from a HeavenLetter on your phone. A new message is generated daily. It costs R3.00 per message and Gloria and I are partners in this venture.

Thank you Gloria for being willing to be open to my idea and most of all thank you God!



Dear Allyson, I am so grateful. This is so dear of you.

I would like everyone to know what a beautiful job you are doing, too.

And the first quotation you are using:

“God said: You imagine only a teaspoonful of My love for you. Multiply the love you feel for Me 100 million times, and you still won't have fathomed My all-encompassing love for you.”

Does everyone know that this is the first day that Allyson has offered Short Message Service to the people of South Africa?

Allyson, is this voice?

God bless you a thousandfold.

With love, Gloria

New Venture

the flowing ^= 9 (18 => 1+8 = 9) begins on the next level 10 ^=1

congratulations to the realisation of your wonderful idea, allyson