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HEAVEN #1807 Enjoy the Movie October 16, 2005

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HEAVEN #1807 Enjoy the Movie October 16, 2005

God said:

Criticism is a harsh thing. Be very careful with it. You may think you are doing some good with it. Perhaps you are. Too often it is you who feels good giving it while the receiver feels disheartened. Criticizing gives you a sense of satisfaction, perhaps, that you have educated someone. Even when you are correct, you may be incorrect to correct. Do not think that giving criticism is your due.

Do not praise unduly either. False praise is false praise. It can be as wasteful as criticism. Whatever is going on, it is not a critical matter.

You have to get out of the mode of criticism. And that includes self-criticism. When you don’t fault yourself, you will be less likely to fault another.

If you must find fault, find fault with the concept of fault-finding. When love is, where can fault lie? The only fault is in not loving. It is not your duty nor your right to find fault. Bite your tongue.

If you do not feel loving, then ask yourself how you would respond if you did feel awareness of love in your heart? You would respond more creatively.

Ink spilt is ink split. Pitch in and clean it up.

When there is no past, where can fault lie? When a river flows, where can past collect?

Life flows, beloveds. It is not collected. Life is ever-moving and, therefore, it is always fresh.

If you must collect, collect tributes to life, to yourself and to the person across from you.

There is no karma, but you are creating energy right now. Right now create the energy you want to find. The past does not create this moment. You create it. Carry the energy you want to receive. You have choice. So, choose. Choose the energy you want to give. You have free will. Free will means free choice. Do not consider that anything is foisted on you. In every moment you are choosing your life. You are the chooser of it.

There is no cause and effect. Accept this. You see an effect, and you keep looking for the cause. Yet what you see as the effect may not be accurate. In any case, get beyond the question of why. Get beyond the question of why, and you will move forward.

If there is no past and no karma, why persist in accounting for the present? Explanation is not the name of the game. If you have been playing Explanation, cease now. Do not explain your life away. Live instead.

The cloth has already been woven. You are not going to unweave it. Looking for the past to explain the present makes you a pawn.

For those of you who believe in karma, don’t make yourself a victim. I would not have you be victim. I would have you wrest the present from the past. And now, the present is already passed. Drop off the concept of present and past and any connections you make between them.

Only in the relative world, does time take a bow. It is hard to understand how time does not exist when it is underfoot all the time. Let go of time, and you let go of restrictions. The past, whether ignoble or meritorious, is a restriction. Whatever has been is irrelevant. What energy are you fostering in this moment of timelessness?

In Eternity, would you concern yourself with a passing fault observed on the relative plane? Relative life does not exist. It is a movie you are watching. Observe the liveliness of the movie rather than the obscurity of what you see amiss. Enjoy the movie.

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