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HEAVEN #1802 The Age You Live In October 11, 2005

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HEAVEN #1802 The Age You Live In October 11, 2005

God said:

Life is to be savored. It is a good stew cooking on the stove. You take a taste now. The next bite may be more delicious. The aroma captures you. The stew continues to cook, and you continue to stir and taste. Relish life the way you do something delicious cooking on the stove. Or baking in the oven. Or cooling in the refrigerator. Or on your plate.

Life is meant to be tempting. You are meant to be the enjoyer of it.
Perhaps you have had a sour taste in your mouth, and this affects the taste of everything. You are the one who tastes life. Taste it at its best. Come to it new every day, just as you do to food. Whatever the menu was yesterday, today's may offer a new specialty of the day, or the same one, but always with fresh ingredients. Or perhaps today will appear as a new restaurant. This is today's Grand Opening.

Why not relish life? Why not smack your lips at it? Life is not old hat. No matter what, it is not. Even if the external should stay the same, you are someone who is rising. Your perception is changing, the same way the sun's light moves on and finds other details to alight on, so do you.
Sunlight moves, and your eyes do not see the same as they did yesterday.

Life is to be devoured. You are not just to sit through it as you might a dull play. If your life lacks interest, then that is your incentive to enliven it. Invent a new dance step. Stand up on a chair. Or sit down and write a poem. What you write has never been written before. It has been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you.

What are you waiting for, beloveds? Another day? The day is here.
This is the day I have set before you. Entertain it.

Today is the platform you stand on. It is a bridge you walk on. It is the bridge of yourself. You are the one who goes across it. The bridge can't go anywhere, but you can. You can find what is on the other side.
First, you must get up and walk. The bridge cannot carry you unless you walk on it.

Be your own incentive. Have you perhaps been playing a waiting game?
Have you been sitting in a waiting room, waiting for life? Life is here now, beloveds, and it is for you to partake of. It is My offering to you. It is My gift to you. I am blessing you with it.

Never mind all the offerings you make to Me. All the candles and pledges are nothing next to your enjoyment of today. Offer Me your enjoyment. Offer Me your smile. Offer Me a kindness you extend to yourself or to another. Make someone else smile, and your offering will go high on My altar.

As for your complaints, they have been repeated enough. The Age of Reason and its offspring, the Age of Complaint, are over. The Age of Love has risen. This is the age you live in. Information age is a misnomer. You live in the Age of Love, and love is what you are to leave to the heirs of life on Earth.

Think of it! You live in the Age of Love on Earth. You are a bequeather of love. Enjoy your life. Make it joy, and love will simply follow. Your destiny is today.


Dear Gloria,

As you promised, dear Adrachin helped me sign in to this exciting new medium of communication, and I am excited to view the excellence!

"THE AGE YOU LIVE IN" reads like poetry ... sounds like a song ... reads like a favorite cookbook!

I savor every word ... and sally forth to concoct a delicious 'stew' of the day that lays before me. I will choose the freshest ingredients and cook up a day that nourishes my Soul.

I love you!




Dear dear Louise,

You got here! That's fantastic!

I do believe that you are now registered TWICE! You know what that means, don't you? You have to post twice as much! Is that a deal?

Thanks for coming.

With love and blessings,