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Other written works that reflect the Christ message

Know God and all fetters will fall away.
No longer identifying yourself
With the body, go beyond birth and death.
All your desires will be fulfilled in him
Who is One without a second.

Know him to be enshrined in your heart
Truly there is nothing more in life to know.
Meditate and realize this world
Is filled with the presence of God.

-Shvetashvatara Upanishad

A Course In Miracles reiterates this often, so does Science and Health With a key to the Scriptures.

Being in the body and not of it.

My sense is that being in fully in the body and not of it is the intent of this quote, though I have no way of knowing since I'm seeing out of context with the rest.

It is my experience that many Light Workers have taken that idea to the extreme of having being in the body and owning its pleasures and pains as somehow wrong. This generates a love-hate relationship in our self that is part of our western culture. That is often compounded by some form of abuse related to being feminine, being masculine or being sexually expressed.

My councils advise that we are to fully embrace our bodies for it is in them that we've chosen to take form. They and all of their expressions of pleasure and pain are Sacred. If we are to complete our Soul's karmic cycle in this lifetime and be part of the ascension process then we will choose to take this other Road Less Travelled.


Dear Jeremiah (is that your given name?) Having studied the Hindu religion to a degree of success, I would like to interpret this quote too. I believe this quote meant that when you turn your Mind away from the body (without hate) that you are able to see or hear within your Mind's eye the God that created you (if you believe that God created all), or call it your conscience if you don't believe that it was God. This quote isn't about right or wrong, good or bad, it is simply trying to help us see that there is more to us, there is spirit and mind.