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About the South Asian Earthquake


About the South Asian Earthquake


October 10th, 2005 @ 11:10 am
Category: Mary's Thoughts
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d like to say once again … let’s crank up our visioning power.

“Of myself I can not do this …”

Together we can create far reaching Light & Love to embrace the people of South Asia.

While individually we have all power, that power is magnified when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony and good will with a single objective or goal in mind.

I would invite each and every one of us to remain free of judgment or fear about the planetary changes occurring now including South Asia, as well as our own southern coast and the Indian Ocean Tsunami. For analyzing “why?” seduces us into the lower energies of judgment and fear, which of course creates more of the same!

What is needed most at this time all over the World is the healing, soothing balm of Light & Love pouring out upon the people whose lives and communities are being hugely reorganized at higher levels. If you feel guided to give money to worthy organizations, do so.

We all need a healing and an easier realignment of the planet. We need to seek Peace and Light and Love. We need to practice, practice, practice getting ourselves up and into these energies to create the greatest good. This is what we came here to do. This is what we are meant to do to assist humanity for at this time and for all time.

Let’s choose a peaceful, uplifted mind when thinking of help and services arriving and flowing into the cities and country sides with the greatest immediate needs.

With full and Loving hearts let’s send Light and Love to every corner of the planet.

It was Winston Churchill who said, “When you are in hell … keep going.”

See all people going forward through these life altering experiences. See communities of people lifting up and helping their fellow man in the greatest and kindest of ways.

See the good in all people.

Many thoughts will flow through our minds in times such as these. We can choose which thoughts to fuel.

Thoughts of resentment and judgment about our government, about this, about that … Interrupt these thoughts.

Seek first to understand …
Be a Love-finder not a fault-finder.
Be One with Intuitive Understanding.

We have learned to throw our judgment at people like we are entitled to do so without considering more than one perspective. These are our PCC’s [ – see October SuccessBytes].

We withhold our Love and Light with fear mentality, which accomplishes only one thing: a lot of wasted hot air that goes where? Absolutely nowhere. Begin to practice containing your judgment with the healing power of Light & Love ―and as with a hot air balloon, your perception will rise to give you a much greater view!

Rise up in your thinking.
Vibrate High

Try it.

Doing so will heal your mind, restoring wholeness. As you are restored to wholeness –wholeness of mind, body and spirit – your healing grace affects all those who come into your energy field …as well as all those who you expand your energy to.

You will feel so much better energetically when you surrender your need to criticize and to be right. Work daily at stopping yourself before you launch “your stuff” at other people who you do not know, who you have not first attempted to understand.

Seek first to understand.
Be One with Intuitive Understanding.

Try sending unconditional Love … and Light without any of the dark shadows of judgment, criticism and condemnation.

Here’s what I recommend:

As you watch or read the news of the latest planetary changes and the thousands of lives of those affected, begin to see families being reunited.
See people helping people.
See aide coming in abundantly.
See monetary assistance from all over the world coming through and channeling out quickly and easily and orderly.
See the best and the greatest in all people coming through.
See their fear being eased.
See angels embracing and holding people up in their grief.
See scenarios filled with kindness and grace.
See best-case scenarios.
See that there is more than enough for every single person in need of help.
See the long arms of God reaching around the hurt and the wounded, the broken and the lost.

Quantum field theory explains to our rational, analytical minds the “how” of “We are all one.” We are connected. The very essence of our beings connects us. That which breathes us, connects us.

And this is why we feel the deep, deep sadness.

Refuse to let your analytical mind make this about anything other than “What’s the greatest good I can see and send to each and every situation that is brought to my attention?

Then do this for the problematic areas within your family, your community, your state and your government.

You can most certainly can have an opinion.

You can most certainly disagree.

Or …

You can send Light and Love and let the power of this transformative energy uplift all people into their greatest, highest selves.

When you are in Light and Love energy you are in a place of highest power and highest vibrational language. When you speak … you will be helpful instead of harmful with what you think and feel may help and better a situation. The Divine solutions are the highest and greatest solutions in all that is in need of change and transformation.

In Light & Greatest Love,
Author of

PS - I invite you to watch both of my movies daily to experience an uplifted state of mind … and to experience peace, peace and more peace.

Faith without action creates zero, nada, zip!

Action plan: For the next 3 days, meditate upon the message from Write me with the changes that begin to occur in you for the greater good. Share your miraculous insights and experiences with others … pass it on, pass it on … pass it on.


Thank You so much for this wonderful reminder of the “Truth”. I have passed it on to my “list” at least 3 times and suggest that they watch it every morning as a reminder.

Thank you also for your very insightful and inspiring e-mail. The world is a better place because of you.


All You Really Need To Do Is Accept This Moment Fully, You Are Then At Ease In The Here And Now And At Ease Within YourSelf… “The Power Of Now”

…You Are Love

Your Love is all healing, all protecting.

Your Love heals all in harmony.

It is not possible to love and judge in the same moment.

To Love more fully you must:
Surrender your need
to punish
to judge, criticize, condemn
to win
to war
to own, control, attach
to be prideful
to police, interrogate
to make right or wrong, good or bad
to fill the hole in your soul with anything other than a decision to Love

Surrender your need to believe that any of these offer you protection.
For in any of these things . . . is the absence of Love
is a call for Love.

Seek and you shall find
Love’s Presence
Love’s Peace
Joy in Love

To Love completely
Love idiosyncrasies
Love the obvious
Love the challenging
Love the opportunity to express love

When faced with fear
Love boldly
Stay put with your emotions . . . reach for Love

Reach for a face that’s an easy love …
…transfer this Love that you now feel to that which you run from

Do this and you transform your experience forever more.

Practice loving unconditionally without attachment to the outcome.
For when you Love just to Love,
you move into a whole, beautiful relationship with your spirit

Unwanted people, circumstances and situations
… need only your Love, blessing and release.

Divine Love
Eternal Love
… washes away whatever is not Love.

Accept that
you are here to Love …to be the Master of all good.
you are Love personified
you are Love

There is great Love for you in the Universe
… weep with Love
… laugh with Love
… receive Love, live Love
and while you are at it …Love well

You ask, “But how can I not suffer in Love?”
The Love you feel for another is still your Love.
Accept that you assign Love.
You are Love’s source.
Love is your decision.
Love awaits you.

Love is a healing, soothing balm.
Love, Peace and Joy are the highest of all healing vibrational frequencies.
Vibrate High

Divine Love is me, as me, now.
And that’s all there is … is Love.

…You Are Love