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Time is a conception to measure eternity

Eternity is the basic field of time. To arrive at some conception of the eternal, the best measure will be the lifetime of something that has the greatest longevity in the relative field of creation. This, according to the enlightened vision of Vyasa, is the Divine Mother, the Universal Mother, who is ultimately responsible for all that is, was and will be in the entire cosmos.

Here a glimpse of Her greatness - from a commentary in the Bhagavad Gita:

"The eternity of the eternal life of absolute Being is conceived in terms of innumerable lives of the Divine Mother, a single one of whose lives encompasses a thousand lifespans of Lord Shiva. One life of Lord Shiva covers the time of a thousand lifspans of Lord Vishnu. One life of Lord Vishnu equals the duration of a thousand lifespans of Brahma, the Creator. A single lifespan of Brahma is conceived in terms of one hundred years of Brahma; each year of Brahma comprises 12 months of Brahma, and each month comprises thirty days of Brahma. One day of Brahma is called a Kalpa. One Kalpa is equal to the time of fourteen Manus. The time of one Manu is called a Manvantara. One Manvantara equals seventy-one Chaturyugis. One Chaturyugi comprises the total span of four yugas i.e. Sat-Yuga (Golden Age), Treta-Yuga, Dvapara-Yuga and Kali-Yuga (Dark Age). The span of the Yugas is conceived in terms of the duration of Sat-Yuga.. Thus the span of Treta-Yuga is equal to three quarters of that of Sat-Yuga; the span of Dvapara-Yuga is half that of Sat-Yuga, and the span of Kali-Yuga one quarter that of Sat-Yuga. The span of Kali-Yuga equals 432.000 years of men's life."

Attention: according to Vedic calendar we are in the midst of celebrating the 'Nine days of Mother Divine' (with Victory day on Oct. 12th)

Here a beautiful link to watch and listen to Mother Divine recitations even ONLINE - at your office desk:

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