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Rev. John’s Prosperous Living E-Zine
Friday, September 30, 2005
You can get rid of any difficulty whatever from your life as soon as you love God more than you love the error. – Dr. Emmet Fox

Think richly – Live richly!

You are the rich child of a loving Father Who desires for you to be happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous. He wants for you to live your life free from lack and limitation. He wants you to enjoy harmonious human relationships and all the beautiful and splendid things of life, and He wants you to have them now.

There is no real reason for you to ever put up with less than plenty. There is no virtue in living a life of deprivation. Being in lack is not part of God’s plan for you or any of His children. Do not believe, for even a moment, there is not enough for everyone.

There is more than enough for all. That which you claim for yourself never diminishes God’s vast, unlimited resources. You live in a sea of infinite plenty, an extremely wealthy universe. If there appears to be lack in your life, it is because you have denied yourself. You have, for some reason, decided that you are not worthy of plenty, or that somehow everyone else should have more than you. If that is true, cease that kind of thinking.

Think richly. The richer you think, the richer your life is. Do not be afraid to ask for wealth, to live abundantly. It is your divine right to experience abundance.

Give special thought to eliminating from your thinking that which does not contribute to your happiness, good health, success and prosperity. Thought is creative. You are continually creating your life experiences through your thought. To change your experiences for the better, change your thinking for the better. Thus you transform your life by the renewing of your mind.

Take time every day to quietly meditate on the vast abundance of God that is within you and everywhere present. God is your Source and a consciousness of God is your supply. Fill your consciousness with God-thoughts, then not only will lack and limitation leave your whole life experience will be one prosperity demonstration after another. That is in keeping with God’s plan for you. – Lovingly, Rev. John

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Hi Gloria,

Hey--I found Rev John abt 2 months back and
I have been a sort of Fan of his
writings from then.I have even bookmarked
his Daily prosperity messages and thats the
last thing I read before sleep.

Rev John was also kind enough to send me his
Unlimited Prosperity prayer to India.I have been
saying it for a week and have already seen
small Money opportunities come my way.Things can
only get better from here....


That is fantastic!

Dear Shahid,

Rev John is very giving, and I love what he writes.

God bless you, dear Shahid!

With love, Gloria


I know there is enough to go around and that I'm just as worthy as the next. I have read and been told more times than I can count, "Ask and Ye Shall Receive." However, I feel more like it's beg and you might receive.

No matter how much I pray, believe or know, things just don't get better. :(

Being Fully In the Body = Access to Prosperity

I think affirmations and such are great, but they are still dealing with the mental body and do not access the beliefs and dark/painful memories held in the physical body, especially within the lower 3 chakras. Many of us are addicted to resolving life through thought which essentially leaves out the physical body. Nor do they access the karmic issues you brought into this life to resolve.

If you want to truly experience the prosperity of living in grace my take is that you find a physical/spiritual modality of accessing and healing the shame and grief buried in the pelvic cradle so that you experience God/Goddess/the Beginning as fully part of you in Oneness.

Goddess Bless

Prosper All

My life changed from poor to prosperous within two weeks of reading a Christian Science track and the words rose out of the page in big bold letters, "GOD WANTS EVERYONE TO PROSPER." For the first time in my life I believed that God wanted me to prosper too. I had been led to believe by various elements of the 1930's depression that I would suffer near poverty forever. You can imagine how surprised I was to see those words.

Within a week I obtained a temp job in a start-up company that was suffering financially. Two days in a row a Marshall came in with summons to request payments to creditors. I liked the product that the company was trying to build and sell -- it was a throw-away camera, one took pictures and then sent in the entire camera and film to have it developed, and a new camera with film would be sent back.

Several years prior to that temp job I had studied corporate finance with a correspondence course from the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). I believed I could help the camera company find investment monies, so I knocked on the door of the President and said, I would like to help find investors for the company. The President said, "Great, we'll give you a finder's fee, going rate." I said, okay! I typed up a home made contract for the task and payment for signing.

I called two people, one was a former school mate who had gone into business and did well, he said no. I called a former employer insurance agent who also invested in mutual funds, he said yes. He and the President met and the former employer invested fund. I got 5%. Two weeks later, opportunity knocked again when the president called and said they needed more funds. I called some local investment companies and told them about the product. One company met with the president and invested an even larger sum. The little note that this investor sent to me said, "Good luck to everyone." I again received 5%.

That changed my life. I met my most successful physicist husband and we married. I would never have thought myself worthy of him before this prospering experience. My husband turned out to be my greatest reward.

I think what worked after reading that "God Wants everyone to prosper" is that I helped others prosper and they rewarded me.

I wish prosperity to everyone, God wants all to prosper.


thanks for sharing your story
it shows how beliefsystems are to be changed within shortest time
and how we otherwise are ruled by them!
and we have the ability to choose every moment
to that wonderful flowing and flowing and flowing from moment to moment to moment
even if suffering and pain are in this moment
but in taking this suffering and pain into our heart
we get the message from Nature how to solve


Margaret, you had a magnficent experience. And you did it!

Veronika, in your response of a few sentences, you make it all so clear and simple.

Jeremiah, you highlight what God says so often, and you express it in a special way.

I AM that I AM really speaks for humanity. I think this is the Human cry he expresses.

Meanwhile, Rev John Adams, who started this thread, just sent out the following quote:

"God provides everything in abundance, and so has provided abundance for you. But what is abundance? Abundance means that you have such an amount of money in your possession that you never have to think about money. That is abundance, and nothing less, and nothing more than that can be called abundance." – Emmet Fox

Now, of course, money expresses just one aspect of abundance. But is this not the case for the sadhus who travel around and are always provided for? And like Peace Pilgrim who didn't know where her next meal was coming from or what bed she would sleep in that night.

Not only did Peace Pilgrim have total faith, she had total gratitude. I remember one night in an unexpected blizzard in a new countryside, she was without warm clothing and in the dark. She came to a bridge, and found a cardboard box under it. That was her bed for the night, and she was so grateful to God.

I think I would be crying that I wasn't in a nice hotel room. And that's a difference between me and Peace Pilgrim that I would like to narrow.

And this also reminds me of Shahid's story of Budha where Budha is grateful for everything.

God bless us all!