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Angel Light

You are a Special Being.
One of pure Love and Light.
Guided by your Inner Presence.
Guided through day and night.

Your Presence shines in others,
As your words lift the heart.
Words spoken with honest love.
To others a brand new start.

You bring out another's heart space.
To allow them to feel free.
You are a glorious Earth Angel,
As you allow another to be.

In my own Heart Center of Life,
You assisted in guiding me.
A Special Angel by my side.
Through your Love I now see.

A Special Angel to all.
Swimming in pure Dolphin Light.
Breaking through the surface,
With a Presence of beauty so bright.

Be it said you are light.
You will be right to the end,
But for now I am honored,
That you were sent as my best Friend

Angel Light


dancing in love and light thanks so much
seems to be the time for dancing and loving:

do I know where you are
do I know where I am
lots of visitors
on the way to media luz (it is the centralsun)
on the way with highspeed
looping over looping
laughing the one
laughing the other
being aware of the one
being aware of the other
kiss me kiss me not
touch me touch me not
from light to dark
from dark to light
hey there's lightning
hey there's flashing
laughing light
laughing flash
looping over looping
caring caring caring
supported by
infinite unconditional love
guided by
infinite unconditional love
and it is
infinite unconditional love laugh

Unconditional As is

Poetry touches my heart as you have. May the love of all the Angels be in yours.

The Melody in my Heart

Glorious Melody in my heart,
Sing out the cry of man.
Whispering winds they whisper,
Softly spoken through out the land.

A map with out a marker.
No destiny of lonely despair.
Just the call of the present.
A whisper of love to share.

Call out the name of now.
The ever present that is to be.
Locked away in my heart.
Confused to set me free.

Where are the words I seek?
What am I to listen to?
A voice with in my heart,
One that whispers true.


More! More! It's wonderful.

So much talent here.

Thank you, Angel Dancer, VeroniKA.

With love and blessings,